Saturday, April 18, 2009


Eric and I, Easter 2009

I ran the hill run this morning with Jenny and I think I finally feel back to normal! Yay! I ran the same basic route, starting from home, Thursday morning (six miles) and felt pretty tired at the end. Then I ran again Thursday night at the track and didn't feel too bad. I had this kind of intense desire to do the hill run again, but I was worried that I wasn't up to it. I talked to Jenny and we decided to go for it. We left the Y forty-five minutes early this morning. From the Y, the route is 7.6 miles, plus one extra hill - another big one. I figured since I have been so tired, it might take me a bit longer than usual, maybe 1:39.

We left the Y early, running into a clear, bright morning. I was feeling good and our pace was pretty good. We were chatting away as we approached the first hill. Jenny pulled away from me as we climbed, circling back as she made the top. I have a personal rule on the hill run - if my walk timer goes off while I'm on a hill, I can't walk till I'm over the crest. I'd rather not walk then either, because I think that I should "run off" the fatigue of the climb, but I will do it if I've just run through a break. The hill run is all about conquering hills and building strength and it seems to me that I'm defeating the purpose if I walk on the hill. The Tacoma City Marathon is very hilly and challenging, so I need to get my hill muscles back.

Anyway, our timing was off and the beeper seemed to go off on almost every hill today. We kept chatting, and the hills kept rolling by. Before I knew it, we were on the final approach to the Y. I felt great! I looked at my watch and realized we'd come in well under my projected time - in 1:30. And did I mention I felt great? Really good!

The daffodil fields are blooming late this year - Easter morning

After a month of dragging through every run, feeling worn out and clunky, it was wonderful to feel fresh, strong and fluid. Whew! I think I might finally be recovered!


justrun said...

Way to go!
And I need to see those daffodils one day!

Anne said...

Hooray for good runs, and hill runs to boot! What beautiful scenery in the backgrounds of the photos. Amazing how spring weather can really get us moving.

Joe said...

So good to get the legs back!! Good for you!!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for sending daffodils!!

Tony C. said...

Pretty flowers! But what is that ugly brown stuff at the bottom of the picture ... it's scaring me ;-)

Glad you are getting your legs back. Mine are still pretty dead and I've only gotten in one 4 mile run. Mostly my feet hurt and I can't completely feel my toes. I can't really explain how I can't feel them but there's pain. It's kind of like when your hands are frozen and then when they start thawing out, you get a tingling feeling accompanied by pain.

So, have you signed up for a 100 mile yet?

Wes said...

Huh... When my timer goes off and I'm on a hill, that's my signal to walk the rest of the way :-)

olga said...

Welcome back, crazy girl!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better! Great photos among the daffodils. :) Good luck preparing for those hills!

Tommy Galan said...

Hi there. I have run two marathons, and I am training for my first ultra, which I would like to complete within a year. Any advice you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and happy running,


RunnerMom said...

You just continue to amaze me!

I wanted to let you know I completed my first marathon yesterday. It was hot(in the 80's) and hilly and I think four of my toenails are going to fall off, if not the toes, too, but I did it!

Reading your blog was a big part of my inspiration to do it!

Dori said...

Glad you're recovered. I love the pictures of the daffodil fields! I have a similar rule about walk breaks on hills, unless it's a really long hill.

Bret said...

Nice job on the hill runs. I am adding more to my training too for Waldo this summer.

My legs took longer than I expected to come back after Pac Rim. Since I have become an ultra runner I often run with other phenomenal runners that are so much better than I could ever dream of being. Sort of like shooting hoops with the Micheal Jordan's of the world. I forget how good these folks are because they are so friendly and open to the rest of us "normal" folk. I often feel I should be better than I am. Then I understand that my body is not like theirs and it will take longer to recover. That then makes me feel good about what I accomplish not that I can't keep up with others.

Btw our "daffys" in Portland are already gone. Amazing the difference a few hundred miles makes.