Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holding Pattern

A quick summary of life at the Barnes house:

  • I ran the hill run and Pt. Defiance (more hills) five out of six runs last week, plus again on Sunday to get ready for the Tacoma City Marathon
  • Friday night we'll be working the expo for the Tacoma City Marathon
  • Saturday we'll be resting for the Tacoma City Marathon
  • Sunday we'll be running the Tacoma City Marathon

My incredible husband ran the 50 miler at Capitol Peak last Saturday, and will be running the marathon this week - amazing that he can bounce back so quickly! I finally feel recovered from the 100K and marathon and am looking forward to the race this weekend. Two weeks after TCM I'll be out running another to celebrate Margaret's 50th birthday with her - we'll be in Spokane for the Windemere Marathon. My bad toe healed up nicely and is ready. My good toe developed some problems, I lost more of the nail, and last night it was throbbing so much it woke me up. I gave it a test run this morning and it was fine, and it actually feels better now (don't ask me why, you probably don't want to know as it involves needles), so I think I'll be good to go come Sunday.

We went up to Bellingham last Sunday to celebrate my baby sister's 40th birthday. She has spent those 40 years bound in an uncooperative body, dependent on her chair and on others to perform life's basic tasks. Her daily struggle humbles me, and reminds me not to take the simple gift of movement for granted. When Sunday morning rolls around, and I find myself running through the streets and parks of Tacoma, I will remind myself of that gift and I will honor my sister, recognizing the daunting tasks she faces each day, and the humor and spirit with which she faces them. Running a marathon is an easy task in comparison.


Tommy Galan said...

I don't know how your husband can bounce back so quickly.



justrun said...

Well said.
And here I was just about to ask you if it was realistic for me to run another one in 4 weeks. :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Somehow I picture a halo and devil horns over each respective "good" and "bad" toe.

Your sister is amazing. She always shares a smile, even on the bad days. You're right. A marathon effort pales in comparison to her daily tasks. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

Anne said...

Your sister sounds like a wonderful person and I have a feeling you'll do an exceptional job Sunday because of her. By the way, Eric needs to bottle and sell whatever he's got that makes him so incredibly healthy. I'll even pay top dollar! :-)

Sunshine said...

Wow.. working the expo and then running the marathon. You are super.
Happy Birthday to your precious sister.

olga said...

The story of your sister does make us pause. Blessed we are, and bless her heart.

Joe said...

Needles, eh??? Sorry we don't have photos :-)

I'm in awe of your sister...I'm sure she is deeply grateful for your support and love, Michelle.

Enjoy the marathon weekend...it is a blessing to be able to move. Let us never forget that.

jessica said...

yes, running a marathon is an easy task when faced with the other challenges we are all presented with. Maybe your sister can give me some wheelchair pointers. We are blessed with the abilty to move and control these amazing machines - let's run together on Sunday! I need a pep talk before my ability to move is taken away for a bit.

Bret said...

I am in Seattle this weekend and early next week. I have to be at work at 9:30 am sunday...think I can do the Tacoma marathon and get to work on time???? Ha! Have a good race you two.

Regarding your sister, over the last 6 months I feel so lucky to be able to run too. We are truly blessed for some reason I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

We've shared a conversation about your sister sometime ago. I'm richer for that. She's blessed to appreciate the gift of life. And you are blessed to appreciate the gift she is to you.