Monday, April 24, 2006

Mt. Si Support

View from parking lot

I had a great time yesterday supporting Eric, Steve and Rob at Mt. Si. Eric and Steve ran the 50K, Rob ran the 50 miler. Plus, the Y Run Club had a relay team running - the one I was supposed to do, till surgery interfered. I saw the relay team twice on the course - once they stopped at the aid station where I was waiting for the 50K/M guys to come through, and once at their last transition point. I had to laugh when Rick called to chew me out for giving him such a tough leg - he subbed in for me when I decided I couldn't run. He said the 6.1 mile leg was all up hill and that I had failed to tell him that!
Eric and Steve, pre-race

As far as support goes, I saw Eric and Steve off, then drove to the next point (about 3.5 miles) where I could see them. They both dropped clothing off with me - it was around 8:45 or so and starting to get warm. I drove to the next aid station which was for both mile 10 and coming back at mile 21. Eric came through first - when he gave me his vest and shirt earlier he had kept his camelback on - with a singlet. By this point the straps of the camelbak were chafing. I took the camelback and helped him refill his bottle. He was strong and making good time. Steve came through next - for some reason I found it hard to recognize him till he was right up to us, so I kept getting pics of him eating instead of running. He was also feeling good and only gave me his hat. Next was Rob. He told the aid station ladies he didn't need their help because his "personal servant" was there. I helped him refill his bottles too, while he smeared on the sunscreen. This was his first chance to dump clothes - he was still in long sleeves and sweats! He was hot and a little tired and wishing he could find someone to run and chat with.

I stayed at this aid station until they all came back through - the next one wasn't accessible to supporters. The relay van gave me a call to find out where I was, and they all stopped to visit for a while. This was after my phone call from Rick - but he kept giving me a hard time. Finally, Eric came back by, Jamal went through from the relay, and Steve came back. By that point I knew I had to desert Rob to get to the next point for Eric and Steve. I called the relay van, and they let me know Rob was still out on the loop and that Jamal was pacing him. They said they'd be there to support him so I left feeling okay about it.

I sat in the sun, on the cooler, at the park waiting for Eric, then half the relay crew showed up. Jamal and Patch were out on the trail with Rob and the current relay runner, Margaret. Darcy and I were snapping pictures as Eric showed up, while Rick walked down the trail with Eric and a cold bottle of water. I left again - it was only three miles to the finish and I knew Eric would get there before Steve would come by. The relay van stayed for the transition and to support Steve. I got back in time to get shots of Eric running in and a sweaty kiss and hug. After he cleaned up, we saw Steve come in, Rick finish out the relay and Rob make it in. It was pretty hot by then, and everyone was tired (Rob and the relayers started at 6 am, but left home around 3:30 am. Eric and I stayed in a hotel close to the start, plus the 50K started at 8:30, so we got plenty of sleep!). We headed off to dinner together, followed by Starbucks to go.

Eric and Steve, post-race

Once we got home, our guests for the week came over. Jessica is actually 12, not 13 as I previously reported. She tells me that a lot of people think she's older. Max, the dog, is getting along okay with Sundae, which is good. The other exciting news (at least for me) is that I haven't needed a nap in three days! That's right - no nap after running the 5K, no nap during the long day yesterday, and no nap (so far) today. I think I really am on the road to recovery!

Check out Rob's Mt. Si report and Darcy's relay report for more pictures! I also forgot to mention Eric's time: 5:00:04. This was his first 50K - so it's a PR. (He's done one 50 miler and something like 14 marathons.)


robtherunner said...

I just wanted to say thanks, publicly, to my personal servant. Great photos!

Don't worry next year we will be back and you will get to see more of the trail as a runner rather than a spectator.

olga said...

Michelle, thanks for making sure crazy stupid boys come back alive.

Donald said...

I think people who serve as support crews are just as admirable as those running the event. It's a very selfless thing to do - more of us should try it.

D said...

Awesome report! You guys all make a great team.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Isn't crewing just awesome?! I love crewing! I got hooked last year when I crewed for Johnny when he did Zane Grey. I'm back for more fun this year to support Johnny and Olga, woo hoo!

A great report, it totally got me psyched for this weekend :)

Sarah Elaine said...

Great photos! Wonderful post!

Liv said...

Not only does crewing sound like fun, it sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than pounding out 50k or 50 miles! Lol kidding, of course - it's the pain that makes running "fun", isn't it? You sound great, no doubt you'll be back out there soon!

Ironayla said...

It was great seeing you out there! I agree with Rob about being back next year. This event was a lot of fun!

I only wish we could of say you guys more. But with as many relay teams and the parking issues, it was probably best that they had the ultra aid stations separate from the relay exchange points.

GotLegs! said...

You had some good weather out there. Thanks for supporting the runners!

E-Speed said...

Sounds like you are recovering! Looks like you had fun crewing for your peeps! I think I want to volunteer for and Ultra. Perhaps Buckeye 50K.