Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wait and See...

The third and I hope, final, test was this morning. It was a HIDA scan - I laid for an hour under the camera while the dye went through the billiary system (liver-related?) and the camera tracked it. Then the drugs to make the gall bladder contract and another half hour under the camera. The second injection (these are both IV, not shots) made me feel a little nauseated and kind of sharp gassy pains. That went away pretty quick. But, for some reason, I've been feeling kind of sick ever since. I stopped for a soy chai on the way home and couldn't even finish it (!). I just took a nap, and some tummy meds they have given me and feel a little better. The biggest thing has been that I just feel whipped. I guess the stress, plus the residual effects of the sedatives from Monday. I'm ready to feel good again!

Now it is wait, wait and wait some more, for the radiologist to read it, post the results and the doctor to review it and call me back. I'm also waiting for the biopsy from Monday's test to see why my stomach is inflamed.

On the fun side of life, since Starbucks is two doors down from our favorite running store, I went in and got Eric a new pair of shoes. There's something wonderful about a new pair of running shoes - I don't know what it is, but it's like new possibilities, new distances, new trails. Silly when it's strictly a replacement pair, same brand, same model, same size. I guess I'm easily thrilled! And they're not even for me - I got mine a couple of weeks ago - and whoo-hoo! They are the new Asics GT-2110! Eric gets the Brooks Adrenalines. That's right, we're a multi-brand family, and we still get along. It'll be nice for Eric to have new shoes for the 15 mile Resolution Run on Saturday. I'll be meeting a couple of friends at the race and we'll slip out early for a run through the local park, then get back in time to cheer in the finishers!

This has been an unusual week for me - I've actually missed two runs in a row (unheard of!) and had to cancel Pilates class on Monday. What a slacker! I'm looking forward to logging two runs tomorrow and Pilates on Friday.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

I wish I had a Starbucks next to a running store! That'd be like birthday and Christmas all rolled into one, all the time! :)

Hope you feel better soon.

robtherunner said...

You were right near me and you did not bring me coffee??? And you bought Eric shoes at full price??? I know, it's your favorite running store. I'll leave it at that.

Thomas said...

Hey, I'm a multi-brand person, and I still get along with myself.

Though I'd love to find a pair of shoes I'm completely happy with, but no luck so far.

olga said...

Hey, slacker, hope results are all good.