Monday, August 06, 2012

Writing & Research

I feel like such a slacker with my blog - I don't want to give it up, but have difficulty finding time to write.  That said, I have way more available time than I have had for the past two years, but I am using that time to balance out the rest of my life.  You know, like hanging out with Eric, the boys, family, and friends!  Since I am working so very part-time, I actually have most evenings and weekends free.  I can study if I want or need to, but I can afford to take the time away, too.

The other thing that keeps me away from writing here is that I spend so much time on the computer every day - either researching or writing - that I don't want to sit in front of it in my off time.  I officially started writing my proposal last Friday and had the sudden realization that sitting in front of the computer writing will comprise much of my next year.  That kind of keeps me from wanting to do it as a pastime.  I'll try though, because I really don't want to lose my blog, plus, I hope  that after I am done with this degree it becomes the chronicle it used to be.

So, on to chronicling! I am signed up for two marathons - Victoria in October and the Ghost of Seattle in November.  I'm trying to train - I'm going a little longer one weekday (minimum of eight miles) and trying to slowly bring up the weekend mileage.  I ran 12 miles on Saturday, but as usual, struggled with the heat.  It had been in the low 50s every morning of the week, which is very comfortable for me.  In fact, I ran nine miles with ease midweek on a 52 degree morning.  On Saturday I woke up to 62 degrees and sunshine.  And lest you think I slept in, I was up at 5:30 am!  I finished in 67 degrees, which is way beyond my tolerance zone (actually, 62 is beyond my tolerance zone, too).  I could feel it creeping up on me, tightening up my chest and making it difficult to run.  No worries though, because I think our two days of summer have passed.  We should be back down to the 50+ mark for tomorrow.

One thing that concerns me is how slow I have become.  I mean, really, I've always been slow, but I knew I could pull off a marathon in the 5:30-5:45 range without a problem.  Well, my last five marathons have all been over six hours, some substantially over.  On the other hand, I ran them all while working on this degree with little to no training.  I just hope I can get my old pace back...let's not forget I've also aged two years!  Seriously?  I have considered dropping from the marathon to the half distance - it's definitely easier on my heart and I can actually finish a half with energy to spare.  Part of me wants to shoot for 100 marathons, part of me thinks half marathons cost too much - for just a little more I could do a full - and part of me has some identity and ego wrapped up in running marathons and ultras. So I don't know what I'm going to do.  I'll see if I can keep my training moving forward as I get deeper into my dissertation and once work, with all the attendant student teacher observations, gets going again.  Maybe I shouldn't even be worrying about it while I'm still working on the degree...who knows?

 In other news, our Reno trip was a blast.  Loved, loved, loved visiting our good friends Jimmy and Suzy, and their daughter Brandi.  We hiked, went to a Pops concert, a minor league baseball game, a couple of breweries, Truckee, and just hung out.  I can't wait till they come visit us next year!

 Suzy, Jimmy, and I on our way to Shower Lake

 Henry and I hiking up Mt. Rose between Incline Village and Reno

Lake Tahoe from Mt. Rose, in the opposite direction we looked down on Reno.

This coming weekend we are going for another sail with Web, but this time my parents, one of my sisters, Emily and Riley are also coming along.  The day after that we'll meet up with our beloved Y Run Club for a run in Seattle, then that evening will try to catch our friend, Leslie, as she passes through on her Pacific Crest Trail through-hike adventure.  The end of the month brings pacing for Eric and crewing for me for another friend, Allison.  Right before work starts back up in September, we'll be heading to Hawaii (Kauai) for the first time ever to celebrate a wedding and our own anniversary.

Life is busy in a good, good way: full of adventure, love, and fun!  I'll check back in when I can...


Emily said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit with friends in Reno. Don't give up on your blog. You are a wonderful writer and I love to hear what is going on in your life.

Joe said...

Blogging is an interesting beast, isn't it, Michelle?? Has been trumped in so many ways by FB. Yet, how else to capture so many things? Kind of a shame. But you write well.

Marathons or Halfs...listen to your heart (literal heart, here). You are right about the ego thing...tough to factor in. You'll make the right call.

Enjoy Hawaii!!