Thursday, July 05, 2012


I did it! I'm ABD (All But Dissertation)!  I'm done, done, done with classes and on to research and writing.  My goal is to defend my dissertation next June. It feels really good to have come this far, but I realize I've now entered the most difficult phase of the program. All the tools and skills are in place to write up and conduct research, however, from what I understand, this is a time when many doctoral candidates fall by the wayside.  Suddenly the imposed structure of course work is gone and it is up to the individual to push forward.  I've already heard of a couple of people who have let a year slip by without even beginning their work.  I'm determined not to let that happen to me.  So much so that I've already started on it.  I had a slight shift in emphasis in my project so I've been reading like mad trying to catch myself up to my own timeline.

In other news, we got to go sailing with Web on the Hawaiian Chieftain a couple of weeks ago. It was spectacular! Web crewed on the Lady Washington from the Bay area up to Washington, where he took over as ship's cook on the Hawaiian Chieftain for the summer months.  The night we went out with him on a battle sail, he crewed so we could see what it is that he does.  He'll be in the Puget Sound area for the whole summer, so we will be seeing him again soon. 

 That's Web on the right.

 Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain rafted together at dock.
 Time for sea shanties!

 The Lady Washington.

 Firing on us!

Heading back to the dock. 

Riley and Emily are also back! Riley is stationed at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station for the next three years.  We've spent lots of time with them, including a day of house hunting.  It's been a whirlwind few weeks at our house. It is an amazing feeling to have both boys back in the area, near enough to see whenever we feel like it.

Riley - newly graduated and ready to get to work.

Next up, a trip to Tahoe, where Eric will be running the Tahoe Rim 50 miler.  We'll follow that with a few days of vacation, then it will be time to come back home and start writing.  That's it for now - thanks for reading!


Olga King said...

Boy, they are so different, and both are so alive. Congrats on ABD!

Thomas said...

Wow, that boat is beautiful!

Emily said...

I cannot believe you are almost done with your degree. It feels like yesterday that you were thinking of starting this program!

I'm so happy that both of your boys are in the area and you can see them more often.

Miss you guys!

Joe said...

Michelle, I'm late on this but so very happy to see you've finished the course work!

Your perspective is dead on...this is a new phase. Your self-evident awareness of the situation is a HUGE plus for you, though.

In many respects, you are on a long run now and you know how crucial it is to hit the intermediate splits. Stay fueled, stay focused but always, relentless forward progress. You know the drill...just apply it to this intellectual marathon!

So cool both boys are in the area now!! That's awesome!! Enjoy it but stay off the yard arms!!