Saturday, January 01, 2011

Vacation and Last Chance Marathon

Eric and I got home yesterday from a beautiful and relaxing vacation in Victoria BC. We enjoyed several pubs and local beers, running along the waterfront and a trip up the island to French Beach. We got back to Bellingham on the 30th, and ran the Last Chance Marathon - with Margaret - on the 31st. It was my 50th marathon and my 65th marathon and ultras combined. I had a so-so run - not feeling my best. I went to the doc this morning and it turns out I have an infection. I picked up some antibiotics and pain killers, so I should be better soon. At least I have an excuse for my slow marathon! Temps were 19 degrees F when we started and 35 when we finished. Skies were a beautiful and clear blue, with lots of sunshine peaking through the trees, and some stunning views of the Sound. We didn't get any pictures though, you'll have to settle for our vacation pictures!

Light house on one of the islands on the ferry ride to Victoria.

Distant ship.

Our hotel.

The Blackball Ferry arriving in Victoria.

Me, in the rain, at French Beach.

Farther down French Beach. We walked out onto these rocks, they were very slick!

Morning run.


Night view across the harbor.

Vacationing Eric

Mount Baker as we arrive in Anacortes, WA

Happy New Year everyone!


Thomas said...

Those are some stunning views!

Happy New Year, Michelle.

Anne said...

Beautiful and congrats on your final marathon of 2010.
Happy New Year!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Beautiful photos!

LesleyG said...

I'm glad you had a nice trip- it's SO beautiful there! And congrats on #50/65. Happy New Year!

Darrell said...

sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope the meds do the trick.

Happy New Year!

Sunshine said...

LOVE those photos!
Loved those places.