Monday, December 13, 2010

Birch Bay Ghost Photos

Early start @ 7:15ish

There's Canada! (Actually, I think that's Blaine in the foreground, but the mountains are in Canada).

Balancing hawk.

Fueling up! That's Canada in the background.

Walk break.

One of multiple eagle sightings.

Glorious Mt. Baker - saw this out our front room window every day when I was growing up.

About mile...20 maybe?

Final miles.

Eagle eating duck.

About two miles to go.


Stretch out the post-run kinks.


Scott Keeps Running said...

Great photos! Especially the eagles.

Darrell said...

the eagles are truly beautiful, but I'm still trying to get over the fact that it was still dark at 7:15ish. I'm so equatorial.

Anne said...

Certainly looks like it was a beautiful race. Love the post-run stretch photo at the end. And congratulations on completing your first quarter. Enjoy the rest of your free time, Michelle.

Leslie said...

I still see you're out playing with the same Bad Asses as always! It's a good Posse, you got there. :)
Happy Holidays to you and yours! Hope you enjoy the next 3 weeks with some serious relaxing AS WELL as some good runs with your honey.

Leslie and Keith

Sunshine said...

Always always love your pictures!!