Friday, June 19, 2009

Trail Marking for 20th Century 50K/100K

Eric and I decided we should take advantage of our time off and hit the trails, and he suggested helping Michael and Scott out with marking for the 20th Century race tomorrow. I was a bit skeptical as we headed out, as I am not fond of steep descents and I knew our piece of the trail would include the infamous rope section from the CCC100. I'm proud to say I did it, and I didn't freeze up, and I didn't cry. It poured rain on us and we got a little cold, but it was well worth it!

(I can't make the captions match up in Mozilla, though they are fine in Explorer. Sorry for the mess.)

On the way up to the Iron Horse Trail.

Eric is a little wet.

Marking the turn that leads to the PCT.

Up we go.

Into the deep, dark woods.Heading down to the rope section.

At the end of my rope.

Back at the falls. Can you see how wet my jacket is?


Anne said...

I'd say you got more than a little wet, but man o man is that some gorgeous scenery. (I'd have been afraid of the rope section too, by the way...glad you overcame your fear).

Bret said...

So you two did the first part of the course? Gail and I are only doing the 50k or the second part. Thanks you two for your help on the course though. I didnt bring any rain gear...opps!
Great pictures...maybe next year I will try the 100k

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Looks fun!

Darrell said...

Beautiful for sure. When I first saw the second picture I wondered if you had to cross the river on that log. That would have sent me home. Then I realized it was the railing for the very substantial bridge in the first picture, whew!

Lisa B said...

Excellent photos! Looks, uh, tropical. :)

lizzie lee said...

I would freeze up, and I would cry, but certainly it would have been worthy. Beautiful nature. What a country!!

Donald said...

Beautiful pictures. Hope the weekend went well!

Sunshine said...

Oh I love the pictures!
Thank you thank you thank you.
What a nice escape to just think about that beautiful country.

Juls said...

I love how beautiful this looks. I haven't run in areas like this for many years.