Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quiet Week

Nothing too exciting this week. I was happy to see sunny mornings and warm temps of 60 this week - right up until about mile three of each run. Then my chest would tighten up and the run would become a struggle. I spent the entire week with a knot in my chest and feeling lethargic. I decided to give myself a break on Thursday, so I'd be rested for Friday's 15 mile run with Wendy. I was worried enough that I came up with a plan: I asked Eric to drop me off at the meeting spot so I could call him to come get me if I ran into problems. Lucky for me, Friday morning was gray and cool, and once we were out on the trail, even a bit breezy. Margaret had come to run with us too, and we enjoyed a good 14 miles. We cut it a bit short so everyone would have plenty of time to make it in to work.

I didn't run yesterday, instead I went to what I'm not-so-fondly referring to as "the meeting from hell". (Having to do with a side project I've taken on, and may regret...) Today I ran 9.5 miles at a fairly quick pace - for me anyway: 11:20, including walk breaks. I don't think I've mentioned it here, but recently I've pulled off some five mile runs with an average pace of less than 10:30, again, including walk breaks. I'm getting faster, but certainly can't sustain it over the long distance.

I got a new pair of shoes last week. I bought my last pair on February 15th, and I started thinking that my shoes weren't lasting me very long. I can always tell when it's time for a new pair because my feet begin to hurt. They actually began to hurt a few weeks ago, but I was trying to stretch out the usage. Once I finally got the new ones, I sat down to see what the deal was. I knew I had run a 50K, a 100K and three marathons in those shoes. Well, I was surprised to discover that I'd run 580 miles since February 15. I figured about 40 of those miles were done in my trail shoes, so 540 miles were on the old shoes - in about 3.5 months. That falls right into the 500 mile range that the shoe manufacturers cite. Don't they usually say 6 months or 500 miles? It also explains why I'm buying shoes every three months. Too bad I'm not faster so Asics would sponsor me and send me shoes!

That's it. A quiet week, a post without pictures, a report without a race. Might be that way for a while, as I'm actually trying to behave myself this summer and stick to my promise of not running summer marathons and ultras. After the Seattle Rock-n-Roll at the end of the month, my next one will be Michelle's Grande Ass in September. That's right - we've brought back our popular Starbucks-to-Starbucks marathon. We are limiting the field to 50 runners and we already have 30 signed up! Let me know if you want in...I know the RD quite well!


Joe said...

WooHoo...first comment!!! A rarity!!

Quiet weeks work...enjoy them!

One nice (surprising) thing I've found by keeping my running log online at Running Ahead ( is that it automatically keeps track of how many miles I have on each pair of shoes. It really helps me dial in the "late lifespan" of each pair of shoes. Like you, I try to squeeze as much life out of them as I can.

Enjoy your week!!

justrun said...

I'm glad you have some quiet time to just do whatever you want. That can be nice. And, yes, be a good girl. Aside from your real family and all who love you, I also need my Internet mom in top form! :)
I may just have to think about that Starbucks to Starbucks. That's Labor day, right?

Sunshine said...

Tightening in the chest doesn't sound so good. Take care.
Fun marathons (soon and in fall) for you to plan and train for!
Your comments on my post tonight are particularly precious.. coming from you. Thanks
Glad you found some joy in your quiet week.

Wes said...

Michelle's Grande Ass
Thanks for making me spit my coffee out :-) Glad you enjoyed your quiet week, and way to listen to your body!!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

I sure missed you out there Saturday, but I think I managed to trial by fire SOnja and Rick into a pretty good crew by the end. Sorry your meeting from hell kept you from the sand from hell, but hey at least you made some money!

scott keeps running said...

I would love to make it over for the race in September. Things are a little crazy on this side of the state and I'm not sure where I'll be come September.

Have fun with the new shoes!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're slowing it down a little over the summer. Enjoy your summer and the new shoes, of course. :) Happy running!

lizzie lee said...

I hope your chest feels better... We've had such a gift of temperatures and weather that i can't believe it.

Are you running R&R? I am excited (not that I will run it) but am excited of seeing 25,000 people running.. A big blow to Seattle's November Marathon, don't you think?

chris mcpeake said...

Good luck with the new shoes. I feel your pain as I go through them very quickly as well (my bad form doesnt
great blog