Friday, November 23, 2007

T-day and Today

We started our Thanksgiving day by sleeping in till almost 7:00, then meeting up with several Y Run Club runners at the track. It was a bright, sunny, frosty 26 degrees out. We ran a couple of warm up loops then a figure-eight through the park next door for 3.5 miles. After a little chatting, some headed home and some to coffee. Eric and I stopped in to grab a cup, but didn't stay.

An hour later we were on the road to Bellingham, with Riley and Heather in the back seat. (Web had Thanksgiving with friends in Oregon). Bellingham is about two and a half hours north of us. We had a fun day with the family - the count for the day was 43, down a bit from previous years. We enjoyed lots of delicious food, and yes, for those who have wondered, Eric did get turkey. We followed it up with pie and chocolates - yum! I made three apple pies to take and we brought a half of one home.

This morning Lorri and I stepped out of our comfort zone (really, I stepped out and she graciously offered to step out with me) and taught the last half-hour of the Turkey Burnoff at the Y (1.5 hours of circuit and .5 hours of Pilates to close.) I got really nervous when we walked in and saw around 70 people in the main gym, then found out I needed to wear a headset/mike for the first time. I think the numbers dwindled to more like 40 people by our turn, then a few more during. I actually taught for 20 minutes, then handed it over to Lorri for 10 minutes of stretching to finish. It seemed to go well and looked like everyone enjoyed it.

Right now, we are having all kinds of fun. First, Eric crawled up in the attic to see if he could find the source of an awful smell - he did, a dead rat. Yuck and double yuck! Right now, he's under the house looking for the entry point, and fixing our leaking water line - the one that goes to the fridge to give us water and ice in the door. He's crawling around under there with his phone and calling me when I need to turn the valve on or off, or help him find the line. I guess I should have said I am having all kinds of fun - I don't think he is after all!

Tomorrow is the Seattle Ghost Marathon. Jenny, Eric, Linda, Margaret and I are running it, I think the new Melissa is running the half, and Rick is volunteering. It is supposed to be partly cloudy, temps ranging from 36 to 46. Sounds good to me!


Darrell said...

So glad to see that Eric got some turkey (inquiring minds want to know, you know).

I'll be interested to hear how crawling over and under the house works out as cross training for a marathon. Have fun tomorrow.

Joe said...

Enjoy the "Ghost" tomorrow, all of you!!

And, if you ever want input on varmits in the attic, email me. We chased a raccoon for 6 months last year and finally got it out, humanely. But what an adventure. You can be glad it was just a dead rat!!

shawn said...

Happy thanksgiving. Sounds like a huge get together. Do you remember everyone's names or did you have to run through them on your drive up to Bellingham?

Glad you got rid of the rat stink too. What a chore.

So, based on your #3 response to "tag," you and I might make good carpool partners. If I said "right," you'd turn left, which would be right, er correct, because when I say right, I mean left.

robtherunner said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Wes said...

Have a great run tomorrow! Dead rat? Yuck!!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Whew! What a couple of days! See you bright and early!

Irene said...

That's still a lot of people for Thanksgiving! How fun, though!

I love your run pictures and it looks like it was a beautiful day!

Dead rats... We've had that happen once before and it was pretty disgusting! Blech!

Good luck on your Sunday event!

Mama said...

I read that they can get in a hole the size of a pencil. That is a lot of potential for cold critters.

Stepping out of the box was fun and not painful at all. I think the thinking about it was worse than the doing. Thanks for dragging me with you. What is next?

Be free,

Sarah said...

Sounds great!.....except for the dead rat part. : ( Hope you had a good time at the Ghost today. : )

Sunshine said...

Running is definitely the way to start Thanksgiving Day!!