Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weather, Shoes and Tagged

In my last post I wrote about running on a clear morning at 31 degrees. The very next morning, I ran on a cloudy morning at 52 degrees - followed by a steady, hard rain for the rest of the day . That is a 21 degree swing in 24 hours - wild! That, though, is fall and winter weather in the PNW.

I got in another 4.5 miles Thursday morning, then 3 more at the track that night in the rain. I ran about 5 yesterday bringing my total for the week to 28 miles. I've been having big swings in mileage with marathons every other weekend - and really, it feels okay. I feel pretty strong and rested. I started this week with 8 miles this morning.

Last week I bought new shoes - the Asics 2130. Friday I returned to the store and traded them in for the old model - the 2120. There was a seam on the inside of the collar that was rubbing my foot. I got a bright new blister on the right foot, just below the ankle, and what felt like bruising on the same spot of my left foot. I think the seam was style-related rather than structural - it was just a panel of colored fabric sewn in. The old shoe was the same color all the way around the collar. Since I intend to run the marathon on Saturday in the new shoes, and a simple five miler gave me a blister, they had to go back. I'm in a new pair of the old model and they seem to be fine. That doesn't mean I won't get blisters in the same old places - I get them almost every time I run a marathon or longer. I quit posting pictures because I figure you can go back and look at the old ones - they look just the same!

Other news is I just (not 10 minutes ago) finished my six-month online course! Yay! I will be getting a certificate out of it - I didn't pay for undergrad or graduate credits. I didn't see the point of spending hundreds more to gather credits that would not apply since I already have my Masters. Anyway, I'm glad the course is done and I'll have a little more free time.

And finally, Sarah tagged me. Here's the deal:

  • Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I think of myself as a delicate flower and a princess, yet tough and hardcore. (Poor Eric, he never knows which version of me will pop up).

2. I believe in good manners and kindness. I raised our boys to be gentlemen.

3. I need time to figure out which way is left and which way is right. I have to look at my hands to know.

4. I hate shopping for cards - trying to choose stresses me out. Consequently, I don't send birthday or Christmas cards unless I can get Eric to take care of it.

5. Really, I hate shopping in general. It stresses me out too - too much sensory input, too many choices and it makes me feel fat.

I tag: Eric, Jenny, and Lorri. Have fun!


Sunshine said...

New shoes ought to be fun.. and how often they just aren't quite right.
I just bought my seventh pair of exactly the same shoe.. and I can't figure out why I get a blister on my left heel.

Happy racing and running in your new old shoes!

Sunshine said...

PS... Congratulations on completing the course. Sometimes the official credit is not the most important thing.
Good job.

Irene said...

I love the way new running shoes feel! I wore a pair that I bought months ago (on sale) for the first time today.

We get temperature swings like that, too, just not as much rain.

I also don't find much joy in shopping. I worked in retail too many years. Too stressful, unless I know exactly what I want and I can purchase it on-line, on sale.

Congratulations on your course completion!

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear you finished your course. I have another one to look forward to beginning in January. I, however, need it for my masters.

Darrell said...

You're never too old or too smart to keep learning, masters degree or not. Congrats on completing your course.

Sadly I can relate to your right and left dilema.

Addy said...

congrats on finishing the course :)

I'm really bad at right and left too, to the point that when giving driving directions I always say the opposite of what I mean, causing generally for a stressed driver :P.

Donald said...

What - there's a 2130 now?? I can never keep up with these things. 2120s are my current favorite, so your report makes me a little nervous. Like I need something else to worry about.

Makita said...

Congrats on finishing the course. I am sure that is a relief. :) I need to renew my teaching certificate and will thereby be taking some coursework soon myself. I just can't decide what to take!

I have 2120s as well. Love 'em!

JustRun said...

Wow, that's a lot to comment on.
But I'll just say that your left and right debacle reminds me of when I have to read a map. I always have to face it right, like North to the North. I am a dork.

Randy said...

Way to go with the course!!!!

I hear you on the issues with shoes, I think I've run in maybe 8 different pairs this year and have kept either 3 or 4 pair of them. I'm glad that our local dealer is so understanding. I know now he just ships them back to the factory and he gets a credit on them. Makes you wonder where all those "lighly" used shoes end up.

Anonymous said...

Good to know about the 2130s. I'm due for some new ones in a month or two. I still wish they made the 2110s. Why do they have to change things up on us?

Enjoy the wet running. :) (Do we really have a choice?)

Delicate flower AND a princess! Wow, I didn't know you were true royalty. And a marathon runner - go figure. :)

Sarah Elaine said...

Congrats on completing the course!

I laughed when I read the bit about being a princess and being tough. Should we start calling you Fiona? Would that make Eric Shrek?

OK, I'll stop now... :-)

E-Speed said...

Hope you have a great marathon! I was surprised to find no blisters after JFK. Although my left big toe is purplish, I guess it could be a blister, but I am not confident so I am going with the no blister theory :)

PNW Runner said...

Yay on completing the course! It amazing how much time it opens up!

You know, I decided against the 2130s at the store and with with two more pairs of the older model just because they were more comfortable. Weird isn't it. Have fun this weekend with the marathon.

lizzie lee said...

You have to be really strong having marathons every other weekend. I still don't understand how can you do that.

Michelle, blessings for you and your family,

Happy Thanksgiving

lizzie lee

wendy said...

Glad the newer shoes are working out better for you.

I love your hard core princess attitude. =)

And last, uh, if shopping makes you feel fat, then you need to come shopping with me. You're a tiny gal. I mean, you're a good size to 2 sizes smaller than me, and you're taller! I feel great when I'm shopping, so you'd probably feel like a movie star! =)

Meghan said...

#3 is hilarious.

I coach a kid who has shown up to practice with a "R" and "L" on the appropriate hands to help him with the same challenge.

Michelle, I hope your family has a fabulous Turkey Day!


Thomas said...

Hi Michelle, I noticed we share the left-right thing, too.

I'm half Austrian, half Czech but grew up in Austria. I've been living in Ireland for a bit over 4 years now, and we spent the previous 8 years in England. Actually, I feel European, not bound to any specific nationality.

Robb said...

Congratulations on finshing the course! And, I had to laugh at your 5 facts - not that they were funny but that they reminded me of the lady I live with who hates shopping and buying cards, etc, etc. You two are alot alike...that's funny.

Anne said...

What great timing for the course's conclusion. Time to celebrate -- though something tells me you won't do so by shopping! I'm the opposite -- love to buy cards for people.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

congrats on finishing your course!

and I suppose I should have checked your blog before tagging you :)

lizzie lee said...

Thanks Michelle. Yes, that short and steep hill is Galer, but as I have run it several times, I like it.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving

scott keeps running said...

are we allowed to laugh at any of the weird facts? ;)

good luck this weekend!

Sarah said...

I'm the same re: #3. And I have to sing the ABC song in my head when I need to alphabetize something. Somehow they seem related to me. : )

Randy said...

Way to go on finishing the course, that is awesome!!!

Get those shoes right, one of these days you will get thru a marathon without blisters, it will feel like heaven.