Friday, August 17, 2007

Pack Review, Short Run

I tried the new pack out last night on a three mile run. I put about 60 ounces of water in it - not quite full - and filled a gel bottle with water to put in the pocket. I added my phone too. I wanted to see what it would feel like loaded up. It was about 74 degrees out - I thought that would give me a good test regarding how warm the pack would feel. The result - it was great! When I finished, I mentioned to Eric that my arms were hitting the pockets now and then - he showed me how to adjust it to pull the pockets more to the front, while still keeping the back snugged in. Very nice.

The only thing that I can see that might be missing is a way to carry my hat or a jacket. My waist pack has a bungee that holds both. I think my extra-lightweight jacket (like this but bright pink) will squash right into a pocket, but I'm not sure about a hat - maybe it'll go in with the bladder. I hate wearing hats, but if I suspect rain (so uncommon around here!) I'll carry one.

Next test is Saturday morning for 16 miles.


Anonymous said...

Did your water stay cold - or is that just not an option with carrying water?

robtherunner said...

If you want your water to stay cold you fill the pack with ice first and then pour in the water. It will stay cold for quite awhile.

Oh yeah, glad you liked the pack.

Tom said...

Really enjoy your site. It's always fun to get new gear.

Good luck with your 16 miler tomorrow.

psbowe said...

Oh awesome, that's exact same pack I've been looking into. I think I'll go for it. Thanks

Have a great 16 tomorrow.

Joe said...

One way to deal with a hat, Michelle, is to find some loop on the pack and then put the little adjuster thingie on the hat through the loop and then hook it back again. The hat just rides on the outside and there is no additional weight involved.

Glad the pack is working so well!!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Just like Joe said, I think you can just clip it onto one of the straps. Glad you liked the pack. Mine has worked well the few times I have used it. If i were joinung yo this weekend, I would have used it! Next long run for sure!

Sarah Elaine said...

Isn't it fun to test out new stuff and see how (or if!) it works?

Ryan said...

Nice job on the hills. Have a great run today and enjoy the new pack!