Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Week in Running

After my last two posts, I think it's time to get back to posting about running. I've had enough deep thinking for this week. I track my weeks from Monday to Sunday. I do this because it seems to me like Saturday and Sunday should be lumped into the same week, rather than split into two weeks. Running has gone well this week - I'm still fighting a little fatigue and my heartrate's been creeping up on me a bit. Before the relay it was typically bouncing around between 135 and 142, so this really doesn't look too bad. It is the norm for it to be elevated a bit after I've had an episode - this actually looks pretty good compared to where it's gone in the past. Here's how the week went:

Monday 7/31: rest and pilates
Tuesday 8/1: 8 miles, 1:42:27, avg hr:135, no high
Wednesday 8/2: 6 miles, 1:14:37, avg hr: 140, high: 165
Thursday 8/3: morning: 7.2 miles, 1:29:48, avg hr: 142, no high
evening: 3.5 miles, 42:21, avg hr: 152, high: 167
Friday 8/4: rest and pilates
Saturday 8/5: 5.2 miles, 1:04:07, avg hr 145, high: 164
Sunday 8/6: 10.2 miles, 2:05, avg hr: 145, high: 159

Total for the week: 8:18, 40.1 miles

The other thing to notice about all these runs is that they are all a little over a 12 minute pace. A few of the longer ones involved a couple of breaks during the run, so the pace is a bit better than it looks. I've added about 30 seconds per mile since the relay. Bummer. I keep reminding myself that a faster pace isn't what I'm after here, the goal is distance.

This coming week will be a little lighter in mileage - next weekend is the Haulin Aspen Half Marathon. Now that it's here, I find that I agree with Thomas about cutting back too far this week - I had only planned to run about 25 miles total for the week, instead, I think I'll be bumping that up to about 30 to 32.

The half is going to be fun, but challenging for me. Here is the course description:

8 miles of climbing - all in the first half of the course, climbing approximately 1300 feet, 5 miles of flat at descending terrain follow.

Sonya hasn't been able to get the time off work, so Jenny and I will be tackling this on our own. The good news is that the forecast is for about 82. That's down from where it has been. This will be my first major trail race - I did the Bizz Johnson 5k on trails last fall, but there was no climb in it, and it was short. I'm a little nervous and a lot excited. We've rented a house and have from 9 to 12 runners staying on any given night. This should be fun!

On a side note, for those who read Rob's blog, I thought you might be wondering why the other two ultra runners in our group are not planning to pace him. It's because they are both running Hood to Coast again this year. No worries though, George, who was one of Rob's pacers last year, is on tap again for this year. Sonya has decided to come help me crew as well. Everything is falling into place.

One last thing. My latest adventure in fueling and hydrating during running seems to work - not a single bit of upset tummy today. I'm mixing up a Zipfizz, pouring half out into a glass for later, then adding water to dilute it. I bought some Sharkies to try last night and they worked great - I ate one at every walk break (which we changed to 7 run - 1 walk for the long runs). I'm going to stick with this combo a while and see if it holds.

That's the latest and greatest from this runner. Thanks for stopping by.


robtherunner said...

Nice job on the mileage this week. I would not worry about pace too much. If you are consistent and feel comfortable with it then just let it go. And yes, this is much easier for me to tell to you rather than myself.

Running by.... said...

Wow, that 1/2 marathon sounds challenging! Good thing the last 5 miles is all downhill.

Good luck to you!

Sarah said...

Your mileage looks great! I wish I were doing Haulin Aspen. Maybe next year.

I log my runs Mon-Sun too. It makes my week look more "right", especially if I do a long run Sat and then not again until the next Sun.

JustRun said...

That half looks great. All that climbing and your legs might not want to go downhill. All depends on training, I suppose. Good luck!

Wes said...

I'm going to add my kudos to your mileage! And your control over your heart rate speaks for itself. I didn't know you did a run-walk strategy. That's good info! I'm excited for your upcomming race schedule. Keep us posted...

Rose said...

Great training schedule! The course sounds like a real challenge, but you seem to have it well in hand, both physically and mentally. Very exciting!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good reminder to focus on distance, not pace.

haulin aspen sounds like it'll be a blast!

Dori said...

Eight miles of climbing--I guess that will be challenging! The house rental sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to reading about it. Rest up.

Sarah Elaine said...

OK, what is Zipfizz? Maybe you can only get it in the States... Or maybe I'm just out of the loop.

Anyway, you've done well with your miles this week... And a half is a great goal! Keep us posted.

Wes said...

Oh, and I like your new photo too!

D said...

Your last post had me near tears! I think with the new love in my life (G-son) I think about these things more and more. The hopes the dreams the future the past...a lot of emotion.

Your mileage is impressive. Nice new photo, by the way!

matt said...

what a solid week you had with exercise and running. do you find that pilates is helping you improve as a runner? i also track from monday to makes sense to have the two long days together.

by the way, i like your deep thought posts...keep them coming :)

E-Speed said...

It's hard to accept getting slower but sometimes that is what we have to do to get better. I think you will have a blast at the half! The runners cabin sounds like it will be out of control! How fun!

Ryan said...

Great job! In regards to weekly mileage I have found less is SOMETIMES better...what I mean is don't push yourself to make up for missed mileage! When I ran Boston I thought I was way under-trained but things worked out!!

Thanks you for the motivation to get my arse in gear; I've been slacking the last few weeks!! Oh and thx for the tip I may order some of that Zipfizz stuff..

Take care!

Thomas said...

I see the training is coming along nicely. Don't spend too much time worrying about the half, your focus should be elsewhere.

I guess you didn't manage to talk some sense into Rob, did you?

olga said...

Haulen is a gem. You'll love it. Be careful of altitude - don't freak out when your HR goes up.

Robb said...

Hi Michelle, look how happy you look in that photo! That's a great shot of you (I haven't noted a bad one yet)!!

Listen, I'm excited to hear about the Haulin' Aspen Half. That sounds like a cool run with the climb and all. Get lots of rest.