Thursday, June 15, 2006

North to Alaska, they're goin' North the Rush is on...

Anybody remember that Johnny Horton song? On the same album as the classic The Battle of New Orleans? The Sinking of the Bismark? Comanche? Okay, okay. It was one of the three albums we had when I was a kid. Every Saturday, my Mom would put it on while we did chores. I think I know every word of every song. Then of course, I had to buy the CD so my own kids could learn them. And who knew? It turned into a wonderful homeschooling lesson. They started asking questions about the gold rush, the real battle of NO, and battleships. They also wanted to know about Comanche (Custer's horse). That CD was a springboard to a whole year of history.

Okay, I really didn't intend to veer off like that. I intended to get on here, report today's mileage, and check out for the week. Here's my checklist for the day:

Done: Today's miles: 3.9 46:28
Done: Monthly Y Board Meeting
Done: Starbucks with husband
Done: One last read through blogs
In progress: One last load of laundry
In progress: Mowing lawn (Eric, as I type)
Done: Dog/cat care (goes with next item)
Done: House-sitter all checked out, coming later today
Done: Selected book for flight
Done: Clean house to return to
Done: Itinerary printed, Marathon/5 mile race info printed
Not even started: Packing

Am I missing anything? I'm sure I'll find out later!

Once again, have a good time while I'm gone. Keep the taper going Olga, and the recovery going Angie, Anne, Donald and Robb. Oh, and Robb, could you have The Running Wife up and going when I get back, please? Good luck Dori at Grandma's! Matt, keep up the good work in the Man vs. Machine competition, and enjoy that 29K. Rob, keep the bloggers in line, and I expect you and Sonya to get that hill run done next Wednesday - no slacking! To all the rest of you - same thing - don't be slacking off just because I've checked out for the week. Keep running!


Flo said...

Way up North!!! God, we had the same records and listened to them endlessly. Every once in awhile I'll burst out with the Battle of New Orleans and generally embaras anyone I'm with :)

Have a great time and a good race!!

matt said...

i have a 45 of that song somewhere in my garage...we need more historical epics recorded like that...i remember gordon lightfoot's tribute to the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald...oh, i ever remember that song...a little too well, but i have fond memories of parsing those lyrics as a child.

you and donald should be applauded for your veering off on to cool tangents like this. you both have interesting minds and i rather enjoy parking myself there for a little while instead of working.

enjoy your race this weekend :)

Donald said...

I know all of those songs! I think my parents (sorry) had the same record. Didn't know they made it on CD.

I'm somewhat impressed by your last comment to me. I was certain that Rob would have to decipher my last post for you. But you've seen Mary J and heard U2. Nice work. But Ludacris stumped you, right?

Have a good week away. You know where to find us when you return.

Anne said...

I remember that song! (Now I want the CD!!) I hope you have a wonderful time up there. Safe travels and take it all in. Beware of the bugs.

Dori said...

Have a great time. I hope Alaska is everything you hoped it will be! Looking forward to your report. And thanks for the shout out!

robtherunner said...

Have fun in Alaska!

psbowe said...

Have a safe and fund trip now. Can't wait to hear all about when you return. speaking of slacking, i think i better lace up my shoes and hit the road to see where and how far it takes me.

...slacking, does that apply to my blog too cuz you know, I won't have you to comment or will you have access? ;)

olga said...

Ha! Mama M has spoken!
Taper is boring, so is recovery, I am going nuts! I'll be in psychiatric clinic - come visit me when you're back:)

Liv said...

Bon voyage!!!

Thomas said...

Alaska again? You seem to like that part of the world. Don't slack on the running while you're up there, and enjoy!

PuddyRat said...


I guess my measly half ironman doesn't deserve a shout out from someone I actually know.

I'm kidding, Michelle. Have a GREAT trip and we'll see you when you get back. I may even get another chance to run with you when you return.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

have fun! be safe! we'll miss you while you are gone!!!

Sarah Elaine said...

Look at that list! You are a woman after my own heart!

Have fun up north -- betcha there'll be lots of sunlight to enjoy!