Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life vs. Training

I got all whacked out on my run this morning. I was thinking about the next two weeks and started fretting because my other activities (read real life) are impacting my training plan. I have a mid-week overnight trip coming up that is going to prevent me from getting two runs in on Tuesday, and will keep me from tackling the Crystal Ridge hill run again on Wednesday. I don't want to make up the missed run later in the week because of the STN on Saturday. The next week we'll be heading to Alaska, so my mileage will drop during that time. Long runs are interfering with my two-a-day plans. Since I have races the next three weekends, I won't be increasing the distances of those long runs.

As I was worrying away at this, I realized just how silly it was. My trip next week is for pure fun - no work, just a mid-week get-away with a couple of good friends. Our trip to Alaska is something we've wanted to do since our college days. This weekend's relay and the STN the next week are both very important to me, and a lot of fun to do with our running club. In fact, I only committed to the half marathon a week or two ago, and only really started giving serious thought to Portland in the last two weeks as well - so how did they overtake all my other plans? For that matter, I'm having fun every time I go out to run these days - so I should just enjoy the fact that I can and that I feel good. It sure doesn't take much for that runner's obsession to kick in! Maybe it's a bit of anxiety over the relay this weekend - I don't really get nervous, but I do get anxious about all the little details that lead up to a race. And when I feel anxious, I fret. Gotta get over that.

By this point in the day, I've thought it through and decided to go with the flow. I'll do what I can and pick up the miles again when we get back from our vacation. In the meantime, I'll squeeze the hill run in on Tuesday, I'll see if I can pick up a second run after I get home next week, and if'll still work out. I won't be following a perfect training plan, but that's okay. Running is pretty important to me, but so are all the other things in my life. So here's my word of the day:
I'm teaching Pilates twice tomorrow - I'm subbing for the 9:20 class, as well as teaching my regular 6:00 am. I'll do a little more talking and a little less working in the second class. Don't want to overdo it the day before the race.
Thursday am: 4.1 miles, 48:47
Thanks for checking in!


robtherunner said...

What is it with people and letting vacation interfere with their running plans? First Mark from the 5 a.m. group, and now you. Isn't vacation the perfect opportunity to get out there and run and explore new territory? You may never get to run in that area again. Embrace the adventure.

One other observation since I am here to give you a hard time. If you are worried about two a days for the relay then concentrate on those. If you are putting in 10 miles in one day at two separate runs it is just as good as running a 10 miler, physically that is. Obviously mentally I am sure the 10 miles at one time would be more beneficial, but you still have time before Portland. YOU CAN DO IT!

olga said...

I want to go to Alsaka! Take me with you! I;ll find time to do 2-a-day and 3-a-day in that wilderness and drag you with me!!
On another sometimes are perfect for just that - vacations. Enjoy!

TryAthlete said...

Balancing is hard. I hope you find one that you are comfortable with.

Thomas said...

Why don't you pack your runners and see if you can explore a little part of Alaska that way? Then you don't even have to choose between vacation and running.

Dori said...

Congratulations on making your dream come true--your trip to Alaska! I always get a little nuts before I go off on a trip, worrying about all the details. Have a good time.

Robb said...

The old balance beam tends to get pretty narrow now and again. For what it's worth, I think you've got things in good stead.

Have a great trip to Alaska.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

i like your relax strategy. that's what I need to do!

have fun in alaska!!!!!