Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just for you Robb

Robb asked. In an effort to protect those who are easily grossed out, I stuck it into an earlier post. Here is the toe in all it's repulsive glory. Also note the developing bunion and the Birkenstock tan line. And Robb, I did have the other Rob taste the tofu jerky - you'll have to ask him for a critique. Now, if you and Angie really want me to send tofu jerky, I'll do it after our trip. Just send me your addresses!


robtherunner said...

Robb, I want you to realize what a sacrifice I made to try the tofu jerkey for you just because your my pal and all, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Just remember, someday I may call upon you for a favor, I want you to remember the day that I tried Michelle's tofu jerkey before you respond to my request in the future.

TryAthlete said...


matt said...

i am all for the tofurky :) i hope that toe is healing up quickly for you, michelle.

Robb said...

Michelle, a couple of things...first - I love Riley's wild hair...and Web's is just the coolest. My boys were looking at their photos and my Jon wants to add the beeswax and be a dread-head. Who knows.

I forgot that you had posted the toe picture once before. It looks tender for sure but does not look too bad. I do feel though that you have crossed the-line-of-good-taste with the Birkenstock tan line. Ha!

Back to the toenail for a second...could it be diet related - perhaps you should cut out all things tofu?

And...how about Rob's monumental sacrifice! Anytime you need a favour Rob old pal...you just let me know. I'm here for you.

So how was it buddy? A bit like caviar? How about the texture? Colour? How was the presentation? What wine would you suggest? Side dishes? Or, did it just taste like crap?

robtherunner said...

I am not much of a wine drinker, but as far as beer goes I would definitely need a good Hefeweizen to wash that taste out of my mouth. It really was the texture that was odd for me. You definitely owe me a beer if we ever get the chance to meet up.