Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Gone.

My toenail is gone. Completely and totally, right down to the damaged cuticle. I didn't plan to post again so soon, but I'm looking for advice. I've googled and read, but now I want to hear what some of you have done. It doesn't hurt, but I'm feeling nervous about running tomorrow, and of course, don't want to skip any runs. Right now I've got Neosporin and a band-aid on it, and I'm thinking that might be enough padding to run on.

This is the same toenail I lost about seven years ago - but I don't remember it being completely gone, or what I did about it.

Advice? Experience? Lay it on me!

PS. Donald - I finally bought some Aquaphor.


E-Speed said...

A couple of my toenails came completely out after my first marathon, it was gross, but they didn't hurt so I didn't do anything for them, just let them grow back in on their own. The one still looks a little odd, but I just figure it will fall out again eventually and maybe grow back normal next time :)

olga said...

Take everything off and let it air and dry out. I run on it all the time:)

TryAthlete said...

I'd let it air as Olga says, but spread some Vaseline and put a bandaid when running.

Anne said...

I've lost many, many toenails. Olga's right -- let it air when you can and once it scabs over (assuming that's what's happening with the Neosporin), you should be fine. If you use a Bandaid while running, make sure you take it off afterward. A pedicurist may wince, but we won't. :-)

Donald said...

How did I miss this post? It totally slipped by me. Almost like it had aquaphor on or something.

I agree with Olga. In a day or two it will be fine.

Running Rabbit said...

Hello??? I swear I thought this only happened to me. But I was not brave enough to post a pic!

I am operating on 2 missing toenails currently. And all my doctors, etc...swear it's because my foot slams up in my shoe toe box while running down hill. Some said my shoe was too tight, I swore it wasn't. Who the hell knows? But it does heal on it's own without a THING!

I am so glad you posted this!!! Thanks a bunch! :-)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Oddly I've not yet lost any toenails to running. I did however lose the nails off both big toes when I used to ski lots. Cheap boots are not the best to ski almost everyday