Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yum, Yum - Clear Liquids!

I'm two hours and 47 minutes into the clear liquid diet that I have to be on for tomorrow's test. Oh, boy... I love my tea with lemon, I love soy chai's, I love food. I think the goal for the day is gonna have to be distraction. Stay busy. Keep moving. I've got a friend to visit in the hospital, we've got an appointment at the self wash for the dog, I've got the latest J.A. Jance novel, and I think we'll rent a movie or two. That should do it!

I liked the new section of the trail this morning. A few weeks ago, we tried another new section - it's probably 3 to 5 miles between this piece and that piece. It'll be cool when it's all hooked up. As it is, we can go a lot farther now than two years ago. I tried something I read somewhere for the cold this morning. I smeared Vaseline all over my face before the run - it's supposed to act as an insulating layer. It really worked! Yesterday I thought my face was gonna fall off, today, I felt fine - and it was six degrees cooler at 19 degrees. On the down side, I looked goofy - I kind of glistened. (I'm going to consider it deep moisturizing). I had a towel in the car to wipe it off before we walked into Starbucks, because, heaven knows, you gotta look good in Starbucks. (I guess looking good is relative - I change out of the sweaty shirt, fluff up the sweaty hair and call it good. I just didn't want to glisten while I was there!)

Speaking of there were about nine of us still there when the conversation turned to the local Bare Buns run. One of our guys participates in it every year - anyway, the conversation quickly spiraled out of control. I just hope that it wasn't heard beyond our table - it might have been a little too wild for the rest of the Sunday morning crowd. Y Run Club, if you are reading this...Ruth isn't as innocent as she seems! In fact, she was the instigator and had me laughing so hard it hurt.

Well, enough of that nonsense. No run tomorrow. It is a rest day anyway, but I also had to cancel Pilates. Couldn't find a sub. I'll see how I feel Tuesday, hopefully I will get to run then, and then I will have to skip Wednesday for the next test. After that I'll be back to normal. I'm planning two runs on Thursday, Pilates on Friday morning. Be thinking of me tonight as you chow down on your wonderful dinners!


olga said...

Really tired:)
Sorry about liquid diet and good luck for tomorrow's test.

robtherunner said...

It's hard to rub the whole food thing in when you are a vegetarian to begin with.

I am glad I was not there for the bare buns conversation.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck on the test!

Ironayla said...

Hope all goes well today! Thought of you while going up Mt. Peak!