Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Year has Slipped By

An entire year has slipped by without writing in the blog.  And so many things have happened!

  1. I was hired as full-time tenure-track faculty at the college.  I started in September and I am loving it.  I enjoy going to work, look forward to it (most days), have wonderful students and colleagues.
  2. We sold our gorgeous condo.
  3. We bought a beautiful boat and are living on it in the marina!   We go out into Puget Sound every chance we get.  We made the move in October and have logged many miles and trips since then.  We are looking forward to Eric's vacation this year so we can go out for two weeks - we'll probably head up to Canada.
Here are some pictures of the boat and of various trips: 

Our new home:

 Leaving Seattle:


Sunset from our home slip:

 Another sunset as we make our way home:


Our home port:

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