Saturday, February 22, 2014

Long Time Coming...

I seem to have lost track of my blog.  I've been creating pdfs of each year of posts, as I am half afraid I'll discover it gone one day!

Let's see...last time I posted was our trip to Boston and graduation.  Not too much has happened - I've slowly been getting used to having my life back.  I just recently started sleeping well again - you'd think that would have happened right after finishing school, but apparently it's taken awhile to settle back down. Two new things for me:

I seem to have lost my racing mojo.  Not my desire to run - I'm still pulling in my basic 25+ miles a week.  I love my early morning runs and am very happy with them.  No, it's my interest in going to races that's gone and I don't know why.  I sort of ran the Seattle Ghost Marathon back at Thanksgiving.  I have to say "sort of" because I hadn't trained and I was sick.  My voice was gone and I had a wracking cough, but I tried anyway.  Ended up walking the last six or seven miles.  I was sick for the next month - out of energy, coughing, just not good.  I finally got over it and my runs smoothed out again.  However, even before that, I wasn't feeling the pull for races.  Due to life circumstances, we had to miss a couple of our favorites - Deception Pass and Orcas.  And, really, it didn't bother me at all!  I've been thinking lately about the Redmond Watershed 12's sparking an interest for me.  Maybe it's the unlimited time aspect, the trails, the loops, the friends, but that's the one that's drawing me in.  I guess I'll just flow with it and see if my interest comes back...

Eric and I have decided to follow a dream.  We are selling our condo and buying a boat.  Our plan is to live aboard at the local marina.  We'll spend weekends and vacations exploring Puget Sound, the islands, and north into Canada.  A long term plan is to take a summer off and travel to Alaska via the Inland Passage.  I'm really excited about this - simplifying life, trying something new, exploring, and being on the water!  At the same time, it's kind of daunting.  Putting most of our stuff in storage (we're going from 1750 sq ft to probably less than 300), living at the'll be interesting, that's for sure!

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