Monday, May 14, 2012

What's Going On?

Here I am again - a quick dip into the blogging world and then back to the books.

School: I am halfway through the last quarter!  My doctoral advisor has been assigned and we've had a great conversation.  I'll get rolling on my dissertation once this class is done.  First though, I have to get through the approval process - which I have not yet started.  Soon enough...

Family: Web is sailing up the Oregon coast, crewing on the Lady Washington.  The Lady is a tall ship and was used in The Pirates of the Caribbean as the British warship HMS Interceptor.  Web has been on the ship for a month or so, starting in San Francisco and will be in Washington in a few weeks.  Eric and I will be going out on a battle cruise with him in June.  Riley and Em will be here a week or so after Web gets here.  Riley has orders for the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island - about an hour away.  There is a ferry from Mukilteo - about three miles from our home - to Whidbey, but with the wait and the drive across the island, it works out to about the same amount of time it would take to drive around to the other end of the island and take the bridge.  So, in the very near future, both our boys will be around and about!  That's exciting stuff for this Mom.

Running: Saturday I'm running in the Redmond Watershed 12 Hour.  Yes, I know it's nuts and I know I haven't trained for it, but.... well, you know.  Last time I ran it I got in 40 miles.  Probably won't happen this time.  I'm figuring to go run till it's not fun anymore, hopefully at least a 50K distance, but we'll see.  I'll be sure to get a quick report out next week.  Eric is up to his usual - just ran a 50 mile at Capital Peak (his 5th year in a row) and is planning to run at least a 100K at the 12 hour.  He's also signed up for the 50 mile at Tahoe Rim.  I take full responsibility for the fact that he's not doing the 100.  I thought it would be nice if we had a vacation where he wasn't worn out from running a 100 miles, so I asked him to do the 50 instead.  Mean, mean wife.  We've been volunteering at a few races lately too - the Chuckanut 50K (where Eric dressed as a leprechaun) and recently a local five mile trail race.  Next up is a shift at a new and local 100-150-or-200 mile race. It's at Lake Youngs where I ran my first 50K.  Should be fun!

That's it for now... I'll try to drop back in next week.


Olga King said...

Boys around is always a good news! 12 hrs on trails beats 12 hrs anywhere else, no matter speed - and that's why timed events sometimes are an option for us when we are not trained well enough. As for Tahoe - I will see you there!!! I am, though, doing a long version, but at pre-race and during at AS?

Joe said...

Nice work on the academics, Michelle. It's a lot like an ultra...relentless forward progress.

So cool you are about the RD getting "skilled help"!

Slow and steady in the 12 hour!!