Thursday, July 14, 2011


The list version of my life, because I still have too much to do to be writing in my blog...

Moved out of Puyallup: check.
Moved into Mukilteo: check.
Unpacked: sort-of check. Still have some work to do.
Started my regular run routine again, in a new town: CHECK!
Started regular Pilates routine again: CHECK! (These are both very excited checks!)
Finished up Spring Quarter at NEU: check.
Started Summer Quarter two days later: check.
Completed required three books in two weeks: 95% check. Still have a couple chapters in one.
Read six additional chapters in two other books in same two week period: half-check.
Critiqued a 175 page dissertation and wrote the eight page paper to go with it (same two weeks): check.
Visited my new place of work, had lunch with my new boss, gathered coursework for fall: Check.
Sent an excited Eric off to crew Badwater: check.
Leave for Boston on Saturday for two weeks of school: well, no, because that happens on Saturday!

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olga said...

Michelle, your life gets more nuts every day! Good to hear from you on occasions for those of us who dont' FB:)