Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life at a Quick Pace

Holy moly! How has so much time slipped by? I'm not running at a quick pace, but life is slipping by that way!


  • House sold, now renting.
  • Condo bought, Eric living there during week, here on weekends.
  • Minimal amount of moving occurred - just enough for Eric to get by.
  • Web (oldest son) came home. Yay!
  • Web took on task of emptying 19 years of crappola out of attic.
  • Garage is overflowing (see previous bullet).
  • Garage sale in future (see previous bullet).
  • Winter quarter ended at work. Schooling continued during spring break.
  • Spring quarter started at work.
  • Winter quarter at school ended. Work continued during spring break.
  • Spring quarter started (at full speed) six days ago.
  • Michelle suffers from too much stress and overload. Result: five days with no running while Michelle tries to catch up on everything.
  • Michelle finally gets a run in on Saturday morning.
  • Life continues...
There you go. Just put those bullets into a cycle and you have my life, though hopefully with more week day running. No races in my future - we need to get moved first. So...wrapping up my final quarter at the college, seven weeks left. Wrapping up living in Puyallup, ten weeks left. Sending Riley off to Navy boot camp, eight and a half weeks left. Maybe, after all that, we'll get back into a routine!

Despite being stressed and overwhelmed, I am loving my studies, my job, having both my boys home, our new condo and new possibilities. I'm looking forward to all that is to come!


Joe said...

Nice to hear the update, Michelle...this season will pass!!

hang in there...glad to have you as a friend!!

Anne said...

That's definitely a lot going on...but sounds pretty much all good!

olga said...

If life ever stops being nuts, the Earth is not rotating, and that would worry me:)

Wes said...

everything is so peaceful and quiet out your way :-)

Darrell said...

funny, how this happens sometimes. Keep on rolling with the punches and you'll find a new routine soon enough.

Sunshine said...

Looking forward to the next chapter. Best wishes.