Saturday, March 06, 2010

Invest in Youth Six Hour "Fund" Run

Today was the six hour run to support youth for the Snohomish Y. The goal is to rack up as many miles as you can in six hours - on a 2.5 mile out and back (five mile total). I went with the intention of running a marathon - since on a good day that takes me around 5:40. I managed it in 5:52 - not bad. We spent some time at the aid station at the end of each five mile segment, usually between three and five minutes, so my time was definitely in the usual range.

It was a gorgeous sunny northwest day, about 37 at the start and probably in the high 50s at the end. Lots of our running buddies and fellow Maniacs were present and of course we'd see each other on each out and back, which makes for fun times. Eric, Steve, Jenny, Rob, Linda and I all rode up together (it's about an hour and 15 minutes north of us). The trail is paved and goes gently uphill on the way out and gently downhill on the way back. It winds past little farms, woods and green fields and offers a view of a few snow-capped peaks of the Cascades and beautiful foothills. Really, really gorgeous.

Jenny and I ran together all day, with Rob joining us off and on. Things were going pretty well till the last out-and-back. I warned Jenny that I was getting tired and it would be a little slower, but we were still making good time. Right up till about mile 22 or 23, when I suddenly felt my piriformis (according to Jenny) seize up. My leg kind of buckled, but I recovered and kept moving. Then it happened again. I slowed to a walk, and when I touched the spot to show Jenny, it cramped up again. After walking a bit, we started running again, and my leg suddenly buckled again, this time causing me to visibly stumble. We started walking, and I finally told Jenny I had to stretch it out. I got down on the wet grass beside the trail and stretched it - left knee to right hand. That seemed to take care of it, and though it felt tender for the rest of the run, I made it. I was stressing a bit about making sure to hit the marathon distance, but Jenny kept me moving at a good clip. We made it with seven minutes to spare! My 43rd marathon, bringing my overall total to 55. Cool!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that after I told Eric I was having a "butt cramp", he and Steve chanted "butt cramp, butt cramp!" repeatedly whenever they saw us. That and monkey-calls. They had a good day, racking up 37 miles. This was in spite of the fact that Eric forgot to register and pay, forgot his salt, gels and water bottles. He's awfully lucky that Rob had a spare bottle, Jenny spare gel, and Steve spare salt tabs. And that Kendall knows us and believed we'd mail him a check when we got home! I must also mention that the incredible Shawn McT ran 43 miles in six hours for the woman's win. She is awesome!

I suspect one of two things caused the cramp. I will admit I wore brand-spanking new shoes and insoles. I bought them yesterday and wore them to the grocery store. I didn't think it would matter much because they are the same models I've been wearing for years. I think the real culprit was the trail - it had a definite slant towards the creek, and I was feeling it on the last couple loops. Who knows? It feels fine now. I'll rest it a couple days before I run again and we'll see. I was planning to taper down to Pac Rim anyway. I want fresh legs there, but more important I want lots of rest, because you know, it's hard staying up for 24 hours at my age!


Darrell said...

A little rest will probably do the "butt cramp" some good. I laughed out loud at your last sentence.

Anne said...

Sounds like you not only provided some of the funds but some of the fun on the course with your butt-cramp comment.

Joe said...

What a cool idea as a fund raiser! You have me thinking... we have some trail sections here which would serve a similar purpose. Could be fun. The out and back part does make it enjoyable.

Hope the pain is letting up. I suspect your root cause analysis is accurate...don't you know, dear, "nothing new on race day"??!! Ha... we all get forgetful.

Rest up well for PacRim. That will be a fun weekend.

Sarah said...

Nice job coming in under the wire despite your "butt" issue. I agree, I don't think new shoes of a familiar model would cause that problem. See you in 2 weeks!

Annette said...

You are amazing! Butt cramp and all! :)

lizzie lee said...

butt cramp! I have never had one, nor I want it. Congrats on another full distance my friend. Thanks for the words last week. You are so right.