Sunday, December 20, 2009

One more to go!

We ran the Pigtails Flatass marathon yesterday. Started in a drizzly rain, ran in a drizzly rain, finished in a drizzly rain. I'm here to tell you that a drizzly rain can soak right through to the bone!

I ran with Jessica, Jenny and Abi. It was Jenny's first marathon since her CCC100 injury back in August and she did great! I wore my new shoes and Superfeet, and my foot felt fine. I checked - my old pair had 606 miles on them. I thought I bought them just before the Portland Marathon in October, but it was really back in late August. My shoes are usually good for about 500 miles, then my feet start to hurt. This was a good reminder to pay attention to my shoes!

I have one more race to go to reach my goal of 52 in 52, but as was pointed out yesterday, I also made 51 in 51!

We have lots going on at our house. Even though I'm supposed to be on break, I've been working like crazy setting up for next quarter. I have the preschool classroom set up for the first week and now I have preps to do for the two classes I'm adding to my load. Eric and I spent Friday night working up a training/race plan to get me to the Pac Rim 24hour (where I have a goal of running the entire 24 hours) and him to WS100. I'll get that up soon. Of course, we are also getting ready for Christmas - today should wrap up the shopping with a few last minute items, and I still need to wrap and bake. Best of all? This afternoon we make a trip to the airport to pick up Web - he's home for a week. We'll have all four of us here in the house for the first time in two years! We haven't seen Web since last January, so we are all excited.

That's the current status of the Barnes household. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


Joe said...

Cold drizzle is part of the game in the know how to cope with it. So cool to think of all the races you've done! And one more to hit a cool goal!!

Great you will all be together. Have a most Merry Christmas!!

Juls said...

I don't know how you do it but I'm glad that you do. You're such an inspiration. Go 52!

Juls said...

Merry Christmas!

justrun said...

Wow, what a week you'll have! You always remind me to seize the day.
Enjoy your time with your family-- I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Anne said...

I'm sure having Web reunited with the family after such a long absence will be the best gift of all. I hope all of you, epecially you and Eric, who've been through so much this year, have a healthy and happy holiday season.

Wes said...

I'm pretty proud to have been here for most, if not all of those 51 (+1) marathons :-) Merry Christmas!!!

Thomas said...

Sounds like the the Barnes household will be having a busy 2010, running wise.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas! Congrats on your 51/51!

Darrell said...

How cool to have both boys home for the holidays. It will be special.

This one for us will be different. It will be the first with only one son at home. With the oldest recently moved to OH, it wasn't practical to have him come back home so soon. He will get to go to his grandparent's house

Merry Christmas to you and Eric.

lizzie lee said...

Congratulations. I am glad you are about to complete such a great goal. Wow.. I remember just a couple of months ago you were hesitating on getting the 52!!! You are almost there. Congrats on your 51 at 51... And in 11 more days you'll get your gift.

Merry Xmas to you, Eric, and your family

lizzie lee

Scott Keeps Running said...

Merry Christmas.

E-Speed said...

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Tony C. said...


Glad you had the whole family home for Christmas - what a pleasure that must have been.

Looking at your schedule, I'll be seeing you a lot the first 3 months of the year.

BTW: Love the BB picture of you and Eric.

- Tony
p.s. - see you on Friday.