Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few Portland Photos

Joe and I at Starbucks on Saturday.

I think that's Joe in the famous yellow singlet in the middle of the pack - start of race.

Me, start of race.

Jessica and Rob

Jessica and I, about 10K in.

Me, Margaret and Jessica, not sure where.

Abi and Rick

Jessica and Rob

Jessica, me, Margaret, about mile 21? Not really sure about that.

I rested Monday and Tuesday, then ran Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and night and today, using the marathon to boost my mileage for the week to 50.5. Gotta take advantage of the long run when I can.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about the worst moment of the marathon. Does anyone remember my porta-potty story from a couple years ago? Where I dropped my gloves in the suspicious puddle on the floor? Well, this one is worse. I went in to what had to be the single most disgusting porta-potty on the course. The kind I would normally turn around and walk right out of. But there was no line...and I hate waiting in line mid-race. So I stayed in it, setting my water bottle on top of the toilet paper dispenser, where it promptly slid off and hit the floor, spout first. I was totally grossed out and all I could think about was having to carry the nasty thing for 20 more miles. I decided I'd try to clean it by squirting the hand sanitizer all over it and rubbing it down. Once we were back on the street, I couldn't force myself to drink from it. I squeezed some water out into my cupped palm and tried to wash it some more. Still couldn't bring myself to drink from it. At the next water station, I grabbed a cup and poured it all over the lid. This whole time, I'm fretting about it and Jessica is laughing at me. Finally I decided I had to take the plunge - I took a big swig. I continued to drink from it for the rest of the day, warning everyone that I was likely to become deathly ill soon. So far, it's been an entire week and I'm still healthy. Guess I've got a pretty sturdy immune system after all!

Finally, be sure to check out Joe's blog for some more great pictures.


Joe said...

You know, I was getting set to comment on about the Portland marathon and my only real negative was the shortage of Porta-Pots. And then I read of this!! Yuck!! I can see you fretting over that spoiled spigot, much to the delight of your pals. That had to have pulled you through several late miles!!!

Your good health reminds me of the ancient tradition of the king's food taster...if he didn't die, the king could eat the food.

Thanks to Eric for snagging a photo of me at the start! Glad to see the reflectors I rigged on the side of my humble red visor worked!!

Great pix all around...thanks!

justrun said...

Everyone looks so happy!

Sarah said...

Fun pictures!

Moral of the story: Always leave your bottle outside the porta-potty! : )

Darrell said...

It is good to be a guy during a marathon. Porty potty condition is not usually a problem for us. Your story gave me a laugh though. I glad it didn't fall in, which is where I thought the story was going at first.

Irene said...

I may have to try the Portland event one year. :)

Ewww. Port-o-potty experiences are never good. Funny, though!

Great pictures! You guys always have so much fun!

Anne said...

Yes, that's one reason I always leave my bottle outside the portable toilets. I am impressed by the lengths you took to sanitize the spout after that unfortunate incident.

Wes said...

oh, no you di-in't :-) Brave brave woman :-) Of course, we knew that already...

Sunshine said...

Fun to see all the Portland Marathon pictures!
Great memories of the year we ran it. (Don't remember any porta events there though.)
Glad you survived.

Annette said...

Nice port-a-potty story! I would've been right there with you on being grossed out. Glad you survived. ;)
Great pictures - you're always smiling. :)

Scott Keeps Running said...