Friday, September 11, 2009

Six Week Goals and Off to Plain!

This is the last week of my personal six week challenge. Here's how it shook out:

  • Pilates 3X week: accomplished for five weeks, this week, the sixth, I only got in two.
  • Running 40-50 miles/week, one cut-back week: done
  • Eating well: so-so. Ate more pretzels, ice-cream and cookies, plus a couple sets of veggie-burgers and fries than I planned on. (They were all awfully good though!)
Not too bad. I intend to keep the Pilates up, because I really do love it and it makes a difference in how I feel. When I wasn't doing it much my low back was constantly stiff and occasionally sore. That was gone within a week of getting back in the groove of Pilates. That alone makes it worth it! I'm missing my third work out this week because we are leaving for the weekend in the next few minutes - and my third workout would have been today or tomorrow. So unless I do it in the middle of the campsite, it just isn't going to happen. That's okay though, I have come to realize that there will be the occasional week where I just can't squeeze it out. And as long as it's because of scheduling or travelling, and not because of sheer laziness, then I'm okay with it.

And now, for part two: we are off to the Plain 100! (Check out the rules page.) This is Eric's epic goal race for the year. Steve and I are going to support Eric and Rob, though the only support we can give is at mile 55. This is an unmarked course, no race support, no pacers, no crew, no drop bags and it's actually closer to 107 miles. Water comes from streams. Racers can restock and get support at the 55 mile mark, but that is it. We can cheer them on at the start and the finish though, and we will! Steve and I plan to hit a few trails on our own, plus wander into Leavenworth and just generally hang out. Should be a fun weekend.

Send all your positive vibes and good luck thoughts to Eric and Rob for a successful completion of this huge challenge!


olga said...

You guys have fun! I'll put it on my to-do list for when I grow up:)

Joe said...

Third time has to be charm for Eric and Rob at Plain! Go get 'em!

Anne said...

Are those rules for real? No water except from lakes and streams???? If in indeed the race is as austere in support as it sounds, this really will be epic for Eric and Rob. Wowza.

Irene said...

Sending good vibes!

Sarah said...

I hope it's going well...sending some positive vibes!

Annette said...

Great job on your goal! Keep up the good work. And take good care of Eric. Sending lots of luck his way! :)

lizzie lee said...

100+ miler is definitely epic... waiting for Eric's report and success... take care neighbor... What a summer we've got, and continue getting!!!!!