Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend at Home

Finally, a weekend with both of us home! Eric celebrated his 53rd birthday on Friday. We were very low key - lunch out at a new bagel place in town, dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. I didn't even make him a cake or pie - he said the blackberry crisp I made on Wednesday counted as his special dessert. Just to make sure I had it all covered I made a blueberry-peach crisp last night too. Good thing there is a whole lotta runnin' going on round here!

Saturday morning I ran 10 with Rick and Jenny, then Eric and I wandered down to the Farmers Market for the first time this year. Blueberries, tomatoes and corn-on-the-cob were on the shopping list. We found them all. As soon as we got home we had sliced tomatoes with salt, pepper and basil - yum. We had baked potatoes and corn-on-the-cob for dinner, and of course the crisp afterwards, using a bit of everything we'd purchased. Tonight I made margherita pizza - another yum! I'm already planning next weekend's visit.

I topped out week two of my six week plan with 48.73 miles (and yes, I should have just cranked out 1.3 miles for an even 50). I also got Pilates in three times, as per the plan, and except for the two crisps, some chips and a margarita, I ate really well. (I guess including those yummy things means I ate really well in both senses of the phrase!) I started week three out today with a tough 10 miler with Rick. We were both whupped - I figure it's the accumulation of all the recent miles. Here's what the last month has looked like:

week of 7/19: 52 miles
week of 7/26: 35 miles
week of 8/2: 45 miles
week of 8/9: 48 miles

That explains why I was so tired on today's run! Why, I remember when 35 miles was a high-mileage week instead of a rest week. That's nuts.

I figure next week will be around the same mileage, then I'll start tapering down for the Grande Ass. I'll drop back to around 30 for week four, then miss a weekend of running while I'm crewing at CCC100, then slide into the marathon the next weekend. I'm going to be able to hang on to the high mileage weeks right up until school starts, then I'm going to have to drop back to five-mile midweek runs again.

Farewell from beautiful Pierce County, where the berries are ripe, the crisp is hot and the runners are a-runnin'!


Sarah said...

Crisp....hmmmm! I made peach cobbler today, but I think I like crisp better.

justrun said...

Mmmm, cobbler, crisp.... was there something else in this post? I can't remember. :)

Happy (belated) birthday to Eric!

Anne said...

So true about how far you've come with 35 miles is a low. And I love the updated photos of the family on the blog. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Those are some good numbers you're racking up! I'm impressed! I'm also very jealous of the homemade fruit crisps - yum! :) Enjoy the rest of your summer running.

Joe said...

You are familiar with Garrison Kiellor, from that sign off, I'm guessing. Did you ever hear his bit on corn on the cob??

And all of the children are above average....

runliarun said...

Your weekly mileage makes me dizzy. So does your menu. Different ways, though.

Bret said...

You are so dedicated. I am such a lazy runner. Nice mileage.

Darrell said...

There's nothing like fresh summer produce.

Love the new family pics on the side bar.