Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekend and Lot of Running

Cat and I with Rhubarb, the mascot (who happens to be a high school friend of Riley's) photo by Eric.

This has been the best holiday weekend - a few days of sun and relaxation. The fun started Thursday evening with a trip to the ball game with Rob, Eric, Riley and Steve. We got to watch the Rainiers, a local minor league team play, complete with free food, beer and wine, in thanks for our volunteer efforts at the Tacoma City Marathon. Once we got to the game, we were joined by Rick, Angela, Tony and others. It was a cool evening, and a nice way to kick off the holiday weekend.

Friday was a kick-back day - a few errands, a trip to the library to stock up on books for the weekend, and a glass of wine with Lorri and Steve. Saturday, Eric and Steve headed off for a day of trail running, while I went to the Y to run with the group. A nice and easy five miler with Jenny and Emily (who was pushing a double jogging stroller) followed by a long Starbucks session. Home to one of those good books I picked up, a little cookie baking and later that night, a movie (at home) for Eric and I.

Sunday morning Wendy picked me up at 5:30 for an 18 mile training run. We headed down to the Orting Valley, where Jenny and Rob were waiting to run with us. We ran a short out and back, picking Monica up in the park, then began the long trek to South Prairie. It was a beautiful sunny morning, with stunning views of Mt. Rainier straight ahead. We were chattering away, and the miles were slipping by. It wasn't too long till I found myself laughing so hard I could barely run. There's just something about running along with good friends that brings out the best in life...silly topics, trash talk, race plans, we covered it all. We made it to South Prairie, took a little break and began the run back. After a while, we spotted Rick and Elaine up ahead - they left the park a little earlier than the regular group and ran out to meet us - probably about six miles in, giving them 12 for the day. Once we finished up, we joined the rest of the Sunday morning group at Starbucks, for another relaxing morning. Eric and I spent the rest of the day lazing around, puttering here and there, a bit of laundry, a little of this, a little of that. No major tasks, just an enjoyable run.

Today Mt. Peak was on the agenda. We picked Steve up, then drove to meet up the others in Bonney Lake, where we piled into cars for the drive to Mt. Peak. We had a good sized group. We began the power hike up the trail - about a 1200 foot climb in about a mile. Eric, Rob, Steve and Lisa raced for the top- getting there in 16 minutes - while some of us took a more sedate approach, reacing the top in about 28 minutes. A quick rest, and back down the other side, running down a wide gravel road. Mike, Monica and I opted to hit the road and run around the base of the mountain, while the others ran back up to the top and back down the trail. Once again, back into the cars and off to Starbucks, where we found Sonya, Patch, Jessica and Brian waiting. It wasn't long after that when Rick, Lesa and Cat all showed up. Except for Jessica and Brian, the others had all run elsewhere then come to Starbucks to hang out with us! Jessica is recovering from surgery - she had a melanoma and skin graft on her shin, but is now cancer free and working hard to recover. She's been mostly housebound for the last few weeks and was happy to be out for coffee with the gang.

Mt. Peak Photos:

Jane, Abi, Steve, Jenny, photo by Rich Walter

Resting at the top on the new benches, Me, Monica (on bench), Jane, photo by Rich Walter

Down to the back trail, I'm the slow poke watching my feet, photo by Rich Walter

Linda, Jenny, Jane, Abi photo by Rich Walter

Me, coming down the back, in what Eric calls my "classic arm flapping downhill", Monica and Mike in the background, photo by Rich Walter

After helping Abi with a little mishap with her car keys, Eric and I spent another lazy afternoon. Finally, just before dinner, we both decided a little weekend work was due. Eric went out to weed whack and mow, and I swept and vaccumed. Not much, but at least a little got done! An all-together wonderful weekend.


bagelsong said...

Sounds like everyone was enjoying this lovely weekend. You are always so good at describing all of the great details of your adventures. :)

wendy said...

M -

thanks again for the run yesterday - the best long run I've had in a long time! Good company, fun conversation, and I finished feeling great.

Your Mt Peak adventure looks a little too challenging for those of us who have spe-shul coordination skills...maybe one day I'll be hard core like you. ;-)

Thanks again - you really are the best.

robtherunner said...

It was indeed a great weekend. I am looking forward to Blanchard Mt. next Saturday.

Sarah said...

Can't think of a better way to spend a long weekend...running, hanging out with friends, relaxing, and just a teeny, tiny bit of housework. : )

justrun said...

You guys are so much fun! Find me a job in WA so I can run with you! :)

Anne said...

I'd frame that last photo. You look so happy -- and fast! Glad the past two weekends have been so wonderful for you and Eric. It's about time we all had true some fun and R & R.

Irene said...

There really is nothing like running with good friends! I'll second what Anne said about framing that last photo. You DO look really happy. :)

Donald said...

It's looking very green up there again! Cool pics, nice run. Thanks.

Sunshine said...

First photo made me laugh.. hope that's OK!
Loved the trail pictures... And your smile says it was fun.

Joe said...

Great post, great pix!! Relaxing and low cost!!

Love that you intersected with baseball!!

Enjoy this weekend!!

Dori said...

Sounds wonderful. I hope the rest of your week was just as good.

Juls said...

As everyone else has said, it sounds amazingly wonderful.

lizzie lee said...

Great pix, you look gorgeous with your "classic arm flapping downhill"

runliarun said...

OMG, Michelle, you've run 33 marathons? And a 100K?