Thursday, March 19, 2009

100K Prep

There are two things I know for sure about the 100K+ this weekend:

1. The weather will likely cycle through rain and sun, maybe even sleet & snow, and a bit of wind.
2. I will get tired of eating, and nothing will appeal to me, and if I don't eat, I will run out of energy.

These two things have sent me into a planning frenzy. Since we're on a one mile loop, we have the luxury of having spare clothes and food handy. Here's what I'm thinking:

Clothes. This one's easy. Basically, all the running clothes I own will go into a bag. Okay, probably not the sleeveless tanks, but skirts x 2, tights x 2, short sleeve x 4, long sleeve x 6, multiple pairs of socks, gators, gloves x 2, arm warmers, vest, lightweight shell and rain coat. Also, caps x 2 and sunglasses. A second set of shoes. And the $1.09 poncho. Plus a set of post-run clothes, and a sleeping pad and sleeping bag, just in case I stop before 9 am.

Food. This one's harder. Stuff that's easy on the tummy, not too much fiber or dairy. Salty and sweet. Something that's light, something that's filling. Here's what I've got planned:

~Two bagels, pre-toasted, one with butter and honey, one with a slice of cheddar.
~A bag of peanut butter pretzels.
~A bag of honey wholewheat pretzels.
~A couple veggie bacon sandwiches.
~Peanut butter crackers.
~Trail mix.
~Four cans of Doubleshots.
~Hershey's chocolate Easter eggs.
~Little graham cracker cookies.
~Breakfast cookies.
~Rice Krispy Treats (homemade).
~A couple cans of cane sugar cola.
~Some no-chicken broth

Plus, Jessica is going to make pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches for us, and there's a full aid station. And Eric is going to bring me a soy chai when he arrives late that night. And I'm bringing my own water, because I thought the water tasted funny last year and I found it hard to drink.

It's not about eating everything I listed, but about having choices and hopefully, something that will sound good as the hours add up. And, it's also not that there is anything lacking in the aid station, it's just that I'm kind of particular about what I eat when I'm running. You'll also notice the conspicuous absence of burritos - that just didn't seem like a good idea on a run as long as this one.

Tomorrow I'll pack all this up, plus eat a lot and drink a lot. Saturday morning I'll hit the road to Kelso bright and early with my running buddies . At 9 am we'll start and I'll go till I can't go anymore!


L said...

Oh wow! Good luck, Michelle!

(You might want to throw some Doritos in there--- there's never a time those don't sound good. haha)

Can't wait to hear about it!

robtherunner said...

Hey, I feel like I already read this somewhere before :) Is there a race soon? I'll be there and I'll be ready. Hey Michelle, only 100k to go.

Anonymous said...

"Hershey's chocolate Easter eggs."

Feeling a bit seasonal are we? My thoughts and prayers will be with you guys this weekend.

Darrell said...

No lack of choices for sure. I'd go for any of it, but would have to think twice about veggie bacon. And the chocolate eggs would be the first to get eaten, yum.

Dori said...

Don't forget your post-run shoes! I can't believe you're running so far. Good luck, Miss Ultra-runner!

P.S. Thanks for the anti-nausea tips. I'll pass them on to my friend.

Thomas said...

That's quite a list of food stuff, you're bound to find something that appeals to you any time.

I wish you all the best!

Wes said...

Planning is most of the effort! You have a great time!!

Jenn said...

That is alot of planning. I'm sure it will pay off for ya! Have fun!

Bret said...

I'd have to bring a trailer if I packed all my running clothes!

Your right about the water last year. It was real bad. Im planning on bringing my own just in case too.

Weather is gonna be a bit ugly...especially if we get those thunderstorm downpours.

Im gonna steal your rice Krispy treats at some point too!
cya there

Ironayla said...

good luck! I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best weather possible :)

Irene said...

Holy cow! 100K!

Wishing you all the perfect conditions possible!

I'm looking forward to your race report. :)

olga said...

Well, now I don't have to pack anything, I'll just have to sneak into your goody bags!

Sunshine Girl said...

Yummerz. My new personal favorite is a cream cheese and toblerone bagel!!

Have a great adventure and go easy on the coffee, you crazy woman.


Anonymous said...

A typical day of eating, huh? ;) I can imagine it would be tough to find things you can stomach. I don't do well with food while I run, so I don't know what I'd do if in your situation. Good luck and report soon!

Sunshine said...

I'm late here, I know. No time for blog reading.
Anyway.. good thoughts with you.
A quick glance at weather radar tells me the weather might not be quite as miserable as you feared.
Planning the food... good for you.. so vitally important!!

Joe said...

Been thinking of you all day, Michelle...hope it is going/went well!!!