Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playing Catch Up on a Non-race Weekend

Friday morning: a little Christmas shopping, a little grocery shopping, a little cookie baking.
Friday afternoon: Christmas party at work, I took cookies.
Friday evening: Yummy, veggie stovetop lasagna dinner, Christmas party at the neighbors.

Saturday morning, very early: stay in bed while Eric leaves to drive three hours north to run a marathon.
Saturday morning, a normal time: get up and go run in the light snowfall with the Run Club.
Saturday afternoon: bake two batches of cookies, read while they are baking, and eat many cookies.
Saturday evening, part 1: Join the Run Club for our annual Kelly's Christmas Light Run (Eric made it back in time to run with us).
Saturday evening, part 2: Post-run potluck, I took the two batches of cookies, ate much chocolate and many cookies.

Sunday morning: get up to 27 degrees and maybe a half inch of snow. Decide to run anyway. Small group - only five of us braved the weather. Took leftover cookies to Starbucks, ate many.

Sunday afternoon, part 1: we think we'll buy an artificial tree, our first. I really hate to do it, and agree that we will get one only if we can find a good one with colored lights. Drive to five stores in two towns before we finally buy one - with white lights. Eric promises we can add colored lights. By this time, I am sure we should get artificial because it is way too cold to hang around a tree farm or tree stand looking for a real one, and we've spent too much time already.
Sunday afternoon, part 2: We fluff the new tree and eat cookies.
Sunday afternoon, part 3: Tubs of decorations migrate down from the attic. The colored lights are added, the tree is decorated, the 35+ Santas and 10 snowmen are scattered about the house, the stockings are hung. It's the first time since 1986 that we have done this without children. It's fun, yet, bittersweet. Ate many cookies.

Sunday evening: relaxing with popcorn, movie, more cookies, and blogging. A busy weekend is complete.

Sunday bedtime: there are no cookies left.


Legs and Wings said...

I'm surprised it took the whole weekend to finish off the cookies.

Thomas said...

Why do I get the impression that your Christmas party on Friday was a lot more civilised than mine on the same day?

Janice said...

great tree, it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the cat under the Christmas tree.

Oregon Mom said...

Thank you for you encouraging words, they were very much apreciated. :)

Joe said...

ha!! That triple is still driving your appetite!!!! So many cookies, so little time!!!!

Darrell said...

Not to worry, there is still plenty of time before Christmas to bake (and eat) a couple more batches of cookies.

robtherunner said...

What! You ate all the cookies without even sharing with me???

Mother of Martineau Tribe said...

I would of had to bake twice the amount of cookies in order to bring enough to the various activities, and it would of been Arthur eating them, not the kiddos!

Beautiful tree, and a cozy kitty! Great picture!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

My favorite is the cat under the tree. I guess it can't drink all the water with artificial like my cat does. I'm loving the snow, but hoping it melts by Saturday for the marathon/50k. I am thinking I will ditch the dumb ass half ass, due to the snow predicted for Sunday. I'm not that dumb. :)

Ironayla said...

Mark and I are doing our fair share effort on the cookies :) I shared some of the guilt with my co-workers.

I like your tree. Makes me really think about artifical one.

Enjoyed the running in the snow photo.

wendy said...

5 hard core runners, eh? AWESOME!

Thanks again for running with me Saturday, you're the best run club mama bear ever.

Anonymous said...


Sunshine Girl said...


Mama said...

Are there any cookies left for Starbucks tonight. I really don't want any, I just wanted to know.
Hope to see you there.

Mama said...

I guess I didn't read the last line. It answered my question.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not really into baking. I would eat many cookies too! :) Oh well, it's the holidays. Enjoy a few cookies while you can. The fake tree looks good. I can't even tell it's fake from here. ;)

tryathlete said...

This might not be the most appropriate post to stick this in, but have a good Christmas and all the best for the new year!