Saturday, November 22, 2008

Triple Thoughts

Needless to say, I've been thinking a lot about the triple challenge next weekend. I feel confident that I can do it. I feel worried I can't do it. I think about blisters and tired legs and plain old exhaustion. I remind myself that I've almost done a double by running 50 miles, so this is just a bit more, with a lot more rest thrown in. So here are my plans going into the week:

  • Eat good food every day.
  • Drink lots all week.
  • Get to bed early every night.
  • Run easy - five miles or less, no major hills, no more than 15 miles by Friday. I've got to recover from last week's 50K completely.
  • Plan to carry food and water on all three marathons, and plan to eat and drink on schedule.
  • Run slow, take walk breaks. This is not the time for a speed record. Plan on 6-7 hour marathons.
  • Take Rob's very excellent advice: the minute I finish one marathon, start fueling for the next. Eat lots, eat protein and carbs. Drink tons. I'm going to have post-run food ready each time so I can start eating as soon as I'm done. He also wants me to take an ice bath (no promises on that one - that's just crazy talk!)
  • Get to bed early each night between runs. We reserved a room in Seattle so we can sleep later on morning #3.
  • Lorri is worried about a depressed immune system afterward. She knows that catching something like strep is a real risk for my heart and worries this will take too much of a toll on my system. I listened, Lorri, I really did, but I want to take on this challenge. So here is my plan. Follow each run with my traditional zipfizz, take my vitamins and something like airborne each night, and for a couple days following. And as always, wash my hands a zillion times a day. Plus, I'm getting a sub for Pilates on Monday so I can sleep in, and I'll give running a couple days off for more sleeping in. Hopefully that will give me some rebound time.
I think it's good planning and will carry me through the weekend.

As for why I'm doing this? I honestly don't know. Once the seed was planted, I found I really wanted to take it on. Maybe I need a distraction right now, or a challenge that is in my control. The current economy is threatening our college, and is a very real threat to my program. Long and stressful days at work need to be balanced by something new, exciting and fun, and yes, challenging. Maybe I'll get to learn a lesson about failure, or maybe I'll learn one about success. Either way, I get to spend time doing something I love with people I love. That is exactly what my heart and soul need right now, so that is what I'm giving it.


Irene said...

You asked yourself why you're doing this, but sometimes there are no good reasons. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, you just do it. Just because. No reason, however, I think feeding your soul has a lot to do with it. :)

robtherunner said...

It will be lots of fun. Especially the ice bath afterwards, and afterwards, and...ok, no ice bath the 3rd night. How's that for a reward?

wendy said...

Take Rob's excellent advice? Oh No! Now we're really in trouble! =)

It actually sounds like a lot of fun to me, and you are the QUEEN of doing more and more than you ever dreamed. I'm also quite impressed that you're sticking to a sound plan for this week and the triple threat this weekend. I can't wait to read all about it!

Laura H said...

I like your plan. And do take care of your immune system - it does tank a little after one marathon, let alone three! Lots of rest in between and after should help! Good luck - can't wait to read about it! You are one strong lady!!

Janice said...

Wow! Good luck, I will be thinking about you. I am a tiny bit jealous.

justrun said...

Ah, yes, distractions are the best!

Good luck and have fun!

Lisa B said...

Why? Because it's FUN to do things that are tough. You can do it. Get lots of sleep. That's when you repair! I'm looking forward to your reports.

lizzie lee said...

Michelle, I am having goosebumps as we speak. I feel your excitement as mine. I wish you the best, and success in this triple crown.

Would you have a camera with you? If not I will arrange with my son for a picture with you!!! I'm definitely looking forward to meet you on Sunday. I admire you!!!!!

lizzie lee

Thomas said...

You will do just great, Michelle, no worries.

Sarah Elaine said...

Why do people who've never run on a trail or run in the dark before agree to take on a leg of the Death Race? Same reason you're doing this triple.

Because we are certifiably insane.


Here's my new favorite recipe (easily made vegetarian with the right soup stock) to help you with your fuelling:

Joe said...

A great plan, Michelle. It is in the finishing that this is a need to race through it.

The fueling and hydration items are sure key. Second to that is taking good care of your feet. I suspect everything else will roll well if those two are OK.

And sleep...oh yeah, to get good sleep!!

Enjoy this to the hilt. And may it add perspective to the other concerns!!!!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

As you have said to me recently; "I know you can do it!" It'll be fun to run number three with you as your pacer, your crew and to just plain old talk you through it person on Sunday. Plus, I'll probably run one loop of the Ghost on Saturday!

Darrell said...

Congratulations for planning ahead. I would expect nothing less. Your fore thought will sustain you throuhg this fun little challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your blessings.

Annette said...

You're right - you can do it! You will have a wonderful weekend. Better eat lots of Thanksgiving dinner! You'll need it!

Sunshine Girl said...

3 days and 3 races? No problem!!
I love stage races. The joy of going home every night is that if you treat yourself right, you can 100% recover!!

Unfortunately, that includes ice baths. It also includes dark chocolate and massages! If you just can't wrap your brain around an ice baths, do "Contrast Therapy". Find yourself a hot tub with access to a cold shower or bath OR you can do it in the shower. This makes it waaay more enjoyable! Stand under the cold water for as long as you can handle it. Jump into the hot water. Repeat. 3 times is good back and forth. Always finish with the cold. Contrast therapy allows you to get up the next morning and do it all again!! Woooohooo! You'll be thanking yourself!!

craig said...

I wish you every success in completing the trifecta Michelle and will be thinking about you this next weekend.

Jack said...

I think you have a good plan and are tough enough to make through all three. I look forward to reading about it afterward. Take it easy and enjoy yourself out there!

Wes said...

Why does a man climb a mountain? Or do an Ironman for that matter? LOL... Because we can. Go have fun, and yes, prep right and recover smartly! You can do it!!!

olga said...

I have no doubts, I never have it for you. You got the right mentality for such things. I am yet to see you not complete:)

Donald said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck! That's one for each day. Also - have fun, have fun, have fun.

Jon said...

As Donald said, Good Luck times 3!

Maybe I'll do the NW triple next year...maybe. :-D

See you at the Ghost!

kopperud said...

Michelle, I am amazed. To remember the start of the Y-Run Club and you running to now. Why run 3 marathons in 3 days? Because you can. Congratulations early!

Sunshine said...

Your plans look well-thought-out. Good luck with it all!! X 3 !!

Appreciated your comment about a vegetarian Thanksgiving. I admit I don't like turkey.. and pretty much focus on the vegetables too.

Happy Thanksgiving. Best wishes for your program and college.

Ironayla said...

Best of luck with your tripe this weekend! I look forward to reading about it :)

I wanted to let you know that I created another blog... if wish to give it a read.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love2Run said...

Good luck and safe journey with Rob for good company. You are a certified maniac though!