Monday, May 05, 2008

Catching Up

I'm telling you, miss a few days, and it's impossible to catch up on blogging! It doesn't take long for unread posts to pile up. Sheesh!

The week past: I had a busy but good week. We made it home from Big Sur, I put in a long day at work, then went off to my two day retreat. It was great and we got a lot accomplished. Back home again, I caught up on laundry, ran with the running club both mornings, attended a retirement party for work, went out for dinner with Lorri, Steve and Sydnee (where much fun was had) and last night helped stuff goody bags for the Tacoma City Marathon. I think someone said we stuffed 3500 bags (total for all the race distances).

On the best meal ever: I may have mentioned before that my favorite food is french fries, steak fries to be specific. The restaurant we went to Saturday night had what I think must be the very best menu item ever - a personal pizza served with either fries or a salad. I was in heaven! They have really good veggie pizza and I got it with the side of fries. What could be better than pizza and fries in the same meal?

On the state of my feet: much, much better. Toes are healing, rash is gone. Many people suggested sunburn, and it may very well be some kind of weird sun reaction. It has happened three times now - after the Rumble, after Big Sur, and after 2007 Yakima. Here's the thing though - I get up in the morning with perfectly normal feet. I put on my shoes and socks, run the race, take off my socks and there it is - red welts with darker red pinpoint spots. It does kind of match my birkies, though some of it is under the strap. I don't know how it can be sunburn when I've had shoes and socks on the whole time. Who knows?

On the next race: Saturday, Tacoma City Marathon.

On Mothers Day: going to see Web! Whoo-hoo! We haven't seen him since Christmas...seeing him is a wonderful gift.


Wes said...

I think more than likely yo feet are irritated by your socks, or sweat, or who knows :-)

I also like a little fries with my ketchup. Yum!!!

Makita said...

Yummy! I'm a salty over sweets girl as well. :D Steak fries are the best.

?? How much time to you typically give yourself to recover after a marathon? Ideally, I'd like to maintain my endurance level so as to not start from scratch come July. A summer marathon is likely out of question though - more to maintain a healthy marriage than anything else.

Meghan said...


I get out of breath just thinking of all the races you guys do. So, how many are on the schedule for this year, just so the peanut gallery can prepare herself to read your blog? ;)

Thanks for all the positive wishes and such over on my blog. It was a very exciting moment of my life, and I so appreciated the support. Especially from people like you who have been there and survived. Hah! In any case, thank you!

Have fun this weekend!

Legs & Wings said...

You continually amaze me with your antics. Like, now wonder you get blisters girl. Think about it!

Happy Mother's Day. It will be good to be with Web again.

Legs & Wings said...

Oh, let me clarify and expand that last comment.

You are amazing! All that you've worked through - health challenges and the doubts and questions that pile up...but look at you today! We all share some of that.

I've been following your blog for a few years and I'll never forget your first marathon. Truth be told, you inspired me to run my first last May. Thank you.

And, you haven't slowed down. Not a bit. No wonder you get blisters - you're always out running! I haven't had many blisters to celebrate lately :(

Happy Mother's Day! You rock!

Laura H said...

I know what you mean about catching up - I've been slacking in the blogging lately. I'm hoping I'll see you at Tacoma, but I will probably be starting at the regular time. I need my beauty rest! ;) Good luck this weekend and have fun with Web - Happy Mother's Day!

Dori said...

Good luck with your Tacoma marathon. Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit with Web. Happy Mother's Day!

Sunshine Girl said...

It's more miss a few days (which I have) and Eric and Michelle have run another marathon again...!?!


Sunshine said...

Oh dear, I've probably missed you and you are off for Tacoma.. but my best wishes go with you. What a lovely place to run!
Looking forward to your report.

Sunshine said...

Ooops! Guess I should check my map! Thanks.
Well, rest up and have a great day tomorrow. I celebrate your energy!
And happy Mother's Day, too.

runliarun said...

More the socks than the sun, I would think. But didn't you say you ran in them forever? Oh, it's just your weird feet :).

Happy Mother's Day!

Smithposts said...

Catching up on posts. Your rash maybe from a combination of heat and your socks. My wool hiking socks create a rash just above my ankles in the summer, no problem in the winter.

Steak fries, now you have me thinking about dinner!