Friday, April 11, 2008

Ramble, Rumble and Six Word Memoir

Eric and I have so many races planned, and so many hotel reservations floating around out there, that we are having trouble tracking which and where. Having two grown children and a double income has given us a heady freedom that I never imagined five years ago. We've planned out through October, but we are both highly susceptible to last minute additions. That's what this weekend is - last minute, in the sense of deciding two weeks ago to add it to the list. We're off to Sisters, OR to run the Peterson Ridge Rumble. I'm doing the 30K and I'm excited and a little anxious about running my first solo trail race. Solo meaning I won't have a companion by my side through out the race, which could translate to me being alone on the trail. In the previous trail runs I've done, my pace pretty much puts us alone on the trail with occasional sightings of other runners. This one looks like an out and back with a couple spots where the out splits from the back, so I should be seeing some runners at some point. I'm looking forward to it!

I've been tagged by Sarah with the six word memoir. It's funny, I saw it on a blog, then it popped up in our newspaper, then on several blogs. Amazing how pop culture spreads. Anyway, here are the rules:

Here are the rules:
1) Write your own six word memoir
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links
5) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

I'm tagging local women: Wendy, Jessica, Lorri, Jenny and Cat.

I don't know where the original post is, so no linking to it, sorry. Six words - that's hard! A memoir is a life story - I am 50 years old - pretty hard to squeeze into six words! I came up with a couple but this one tells the story:

Ordinary girl, loving life, feeling blessed.


Wes said...

Oops! You left the extra off the ordinary ;-)

Sarah said...

If the weather holds as predicted, its gonna be a beautiful day in Sisters! : )

lizzie lee said...

Good luck in your solo trail... Weather is getting better... don't you think?

lizzie lee

Makita said...

Weather should be good here in Central Oregon - it was beautiful today! :)

robtherunner said...

Have a great run! Be one with the trails. They will never lead you astray.

Joe said...

You have (as usual) a great perspective, two are blessed and to recognize that is a significant thing. Enjoy the weekend...enjoy the trails. You'll be fine.

And how cool is it you can "drop in" a 30K on the spur of the moment????

Nice captures you well. Nicely stated!

JustRun said...

Well done! I love it!

Irene said...

I just took a look at your list of run events on your side bar! Wow! Your dance card is getting full! We're ALMOST at that point of dual income, grown kids. ;)

Happy trails!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Thanks fo the tag- It may take a while to come up with those six words. It will get me back to writing on my blog. Can't wait to hear how the rumble went. I am jealous you know.

shawn said...

Hope you had a good time in Sisters this weekend. We missed the Y-gang at Mt. Si. Congrats on your Yakima finish....oooh and a bottle of wine too. Are you saving it or did you pour it in some water bottles and drink it on the drive home :)

Glad you are enjoying your new-found freedom. Do you and Eric feel like teenagers again, schleping around in all those motels? hee hee.

Sarah Elaine said...

Love the tag. And your love of life is very evident in your posts. :-)

Sunshine said...

Oh yes, I think "extraordinary."
Here's to You!!