Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rob Tells Michelle How It Is

In the interest of learning to run on tired legs, I ran five miles on Sunday after the 17 of Capital Peak, then I taught Pilates Monday morning, following up with five more miles.

Several runners had the morning off so we met at the track and ran through the nearby park, then, as usual, went for coffee. Rob was one of the runners. He picked on me the entire run and into coffee time! He lectured me about training for the 50 mile run, he countered all my arguments, he chivvied and bullied and poked until I agreed to at least think about his plan for me. And I did. Then I ran it by Eric, and now I'm committed. I'm running the Yours Truly 50K on the flat Cedar River Trail with Rob on Sunday. I also added a local 6 hour run to my schedule. Here's what the training plan looks like:

Sunday Jan 27: flat 50K
Sat/Sun Feb 2-3: 10ish miles one of the days, 5ish the other
Sat/Sun Feb 9/10: 18ish miles one of the days, 5ish the other
Sun Feb 17: 15 miles Orcas Half-ass (4000 feet of elevation gain)
Sat Feb 23: 6 hour run (just a bit over marathon distance, flat, 5 mile repeats)
Sat/Sun Mar 1/2: 8ish miles and 5ish miles
Sat/Sun Mar 8/9: 8ish miles and 5ish miles
Sat/Sun Mar 15-16: 24 hour run. Goal 50 miles, 12-14 hours

Then I have two weekends to recover before Yakima Marathon, and then two weekends till Big Sur, then one weekend for recovery before Tacoma. It feels a bit aggressive, but I think Rob is right. I have to do some work - my last marathon was on New Years Eve, and my last 50K was in November. I can't go into a 50 miler on those. I'm going to go easy on everything - no time goals (except the cut-off at Big Sur). I'll use a 5/1 on the long stuff, try to rest well and eat well. Here's hoping it works!

Whoops! Added the skipped weekend - thanks Sarah!


robtherunner said...

I am much better at planning other people's training than my own. I think you have made a wise decision and I don't think the plan is too aggressive based on how you did at Capitol Peak. I'll take the blame if it doesn't work. Jessica always tells me when I'm wrong so I'm used to it. However, I know you will do great and I am looking forward to running with you on Sunday.

Wes said...

My head is spinning just looking at all that stuff :-)

Sarah said...

Looks good! But did you skip a weekend (Feb 9/10) on purpose? You made me nervous for a moment....my next 50k is on 2/23 and I thought I had more time! : )

Darrell said...

Oh my gosh, that's a lot of races. That looks like something Rob would plan. It'll be fun, I'm sure.

Thomas said...

Blimey! That's a lot of long running.

Robb said...

My mother had a saying..."if you keep that up, one morning you'll wake up and be nothing but a greasy spot in your bed!" I guess that's not so positive is it...but funny. Lots of run time is good! Go for it.

Try@thlete said...

Spoken like a true Maniac!

scott keeps running said...

what a bully he is!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

that *is* agressive...and as long as you listen to your body (as you usually do), then go for it! you can totally do it :)

olga said...

I think Rob took it after me - bullying others into agressive plans. I like doing it too! So I think you have a very normal plan, I would even put some more into it, but what do I know...:)

Sunshine said...

I absolutely love reading your blog.
Thanks for stopping by mine.. I had to smile too... You are good.. seeing right to the heart of it.

Sunshine said...

Good thing I didn't join you for coffee because male bullying doesn't work on me.
But cheers for you that you have a plan that will work for you!!!

Sunshine said...

Well, OK, you have convinced me you are taking care of yourself.
Best wishes.
You are definitely a hero to a bunch of us.

wendy said...

You are CRAZY. But now maybe I can tag along on one of your slow days! =)

runningtwig said...

I've read your blog for quite some time now and I finally decided to stop lurking and just comment. I enjoy reading about your adventures! Good luck with all the training. You and your husband do some amazing things!