Friday, April 27, 2007

The Test

I could not possibly go to Eugene without knowing if I could run with my bad toe. I had to know. Had to. The answer?


I ran a half mile to the lake. Good. I ran a lap of the lake - just shy of a mile. Good. Wendy pulled up and joined me. We ran another lap. Good. We ventured onto the new college road, lapped the college and back to the lake. Good. We ran a lap of the lake. Still good. I ran home. Good! Total miles: 6. That was a whoops! I was planning three or four. Oh well. I ran the nerves off and am ready to go.

One minor glitch. The fresh new skin under one of the side-of-the-ball-of-my-foot blisters broke open and bled. I could feel it the whole time, but I can run on that.

Oh, and my Hydropel arrived. I used it tonight, and will use it on Sunday. I also think I'm giving up on the smartwool socks for right now - they make my feet itch and burn. The thing is, I've never been able to do wool - not the slightest bit. Everyone told me the socks don't feel like wool and would be great. And they were - till the weather warmed up - they drove me nuts tonight. I'll save them for cold mornings. I think I might go back to my Injinji's for this weekend. Or my plain old Asics running socks I used to use. Something kind of, I don't know, normal. For me anyway.

Signing off from the rain shadow, where the toes have sorta healed, the men are off to run 50s, and the women are marathon-ready!


Wes said...

Michelle, have a great weekend. My thoughts will be with you guys often.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have another great race Michelle. My thoughts will be with you too.

Donald said...

Have a great race! Can't wait to see the post-race toe photos.

Sarah Elaine said...

I've never been able to do wool socks, either. They itch like crazy and give me a rash. People say you get used to them, but I'd rather not, thanks!

Best wishes for a(nother) fabulous race!

Anonymous said...

Run well, Michelle! I hope the toes hold up for you. Now, when do you plan to let them start healing? ;)
Can't wait to see how things go.

Joe said...

Go get 'em Michelle...give my best to Eric and Rob as well for their big weekends!

E-Speed said...

hope there's no bleeding this weekend!

wendy said...

Hey Michelle,

I hope your toes are okay for tomorrow! I had such a great time running with you Friday, we need to do that again sometime. It was a great comfortable run for me, and lovely conversation - I am still cracking up over the cat story. =)

I'll be thinking of you and your toes tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the 6.
I can't do wool either.

Janice said...

I do coolmax socks once it warms up. That's the only way I can keep my feet from overheating. I used to feel like my feet were on fire until I started using coolmax. Good luck with those feet:)

runliarun said...

I looked at your upcoming race-schedule, and there is no room to give those poor toes of yours a break. This way they're not going to heal too fast. When will you see that podiatrist? Perhaps he knows a trick or two as to how you can - literally - outrun your own blisters.

You'll have a great race again. You are incredible.