Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunny Saturday

My mileage for the week didn't quite hit my target. I wanted 42, I got 32. I have to remind myself that with all the runs on my schedule, I'll often be recovering or tapering, so the weekly counts might be lower. I ended up with a week that looked like this:

Sunday: Mt. Peak 2.2
Monday: Pilates
Tuesday: new shoes, 5
Wednesday: hill run: 6
Thursday morning: 5
Thursday night: track, 4
Friday: Pilates
Saturday: 10.3

My new shoes and modified metatarsal pads feel perfect on my right foot. My left foot, the one with a small bunion, doesn't feel quite as good. After the ten mile run today the inside of my ankle hurt a little, and my forefoot hurt. I think I'm going to strip off the moleskin, and reapply one layer. It is a mechanical change to my foot, and I'm thinking that going from nothing to three layers might have been too much. I'm going to build up slowly and see if that helps. Three layers of moleskin is very thin - I can't believe that I can actually feel it under my foot! Of course, I've been accused of being the Princess in the story of the Princess and the Pea. Things like the labels in clothes, the seams in socks, hats and headbands really irritate me, so it really isn't a surprise that I'd feel a infinitesimal lump in my shoe.

The 10 miler this morning was great - we had perfect weather. About 48 degrees, and once the sun came up, clear and beautiful. It really feels like spring - there are even buds on our lilac tree! I decided to try a new form of fuel on the run today - Silk chocolate soy milk. I often use it as a recovery drink, and it occurred to me that it could be a good source of quick energy on the run. One cup contains about 150 calories, 25 g of carbs, 5 g of protein, 100 mg of sodium and 350 mg of potassium. Compare that to one gu: 100 calories, 25 g carbs, 0 protein, 40 g sodium, 35 g potassium. I know the sodium and potassium aren't quite equal, but I am using S-caps, so I'm not sure that is a big deal. Eric swears by including a little protein on the run - it adds long term energy. The soy milk went down well, tasted great and I felt good.

I was a little bummed this morning. Our beginning runner project was supposed to start today. I had confirmation that at least three people would be there and then, no one showed up. Of course our wonderful, wonderful running group was there - at least eight of us, maybe more. I think we didn't get enough advertising up at the Y, and certainly not soon enough. I'll be talking to one of the Y staff this week trying to improve that. Maybe next weekend we'll get a few...

On the other hand, we had one of our full and raucous coffee gatherings this morning. People were shifting seats, conversation was flowing and there was a lot of laughing. I received a homework assignment from my favorite teacher, Jenny. She and Rob can't quite figure out how I made it through the 70's without hearing a Grateful Dead song. She gave me four CDs to listen to. We then had an enlightening conversation about so-called drug songs. Please forgive me if I choose to revisit my Pollyanna world and refuse to believe that all those songs are about drugs. Jenny blames my small-town, small-farm upbringing. I refuse to believe that Puff the Magic Dragon is about anything except a boy and his dragon. Non-believers: check this out. Sometimes Pollyanna is right!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that none of your new runners showed up. What a bummer! Maybe next time???

I hope you get your moleskin issues figured out. Isn't it interesting how the littlest thing can affect how you feel - especially on your feet!

Happy running!

robtherunner said...

What about Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and LSD? Coincidence, I think not! I wonder how Lucy ended up in the sky with diamonds. Perhaps it was because of all the LSD that she took.

Oh yeah, and Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney was on drugs. I mean, a smoking caterpillar and taking a pill to make her bigger and smaller. Once again, Alice entered that land because she had taken something and wound up hallucinating next to the tree. Trust me on this one!

The worlds a rough and tumble place. You might want to stay in your precious little Pollyanna world:)

Juls said...

I know what you are talking about when it comes to the little things like shirt tags and sock seams irritating you. Princess BOP (Back of the pack), it's okay if you are sensitive to a change in your shoe regimen. My metatarsal pads are beginning to break down so I stocked up on moleskin today.

As for the Puff the Magic Dragon - I'm a believer.

Backofpack said...

For anyone who is interested: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:

And Alice in Wonderland:'s_Adventures_in_Wonderland

Chad said...

Sounds like a great run.

I never like the rumors about Puff the Magic Dragon. You've restored my faith.

Sarah said...

You keep thinking what you want to think, Michelle! : )

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...


First thing I teach my students when conducting research is never to use Wikipedia! Anyone can edit it, thus, it is not a reliable source!

I too, was a bit bummed at the no shows.

PS How's that for paragraphing?

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...


Here's a lind for you:


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I related feeling a grain of sand in my shoe to the "princess & the pea" and my younger friends had never heard of the fairy tale...go figure.

Steve said...

Drug song or drugged listeners. Most good lyrics are vague to allow the listener to relate the words to their own lives experiences. Rob and I have a little more varied Experience (as in Jimi Hendrix) to relate to. When you are done with the Dead CDs, move on to some Hendrix, Doors, and Pink Floyd. We will guide you to expand the horizons of Pollyanna. But like running, it’s best to build slowly to prevent any mental injuries. (hehe)

TryAthlete said...

I believe the wolf in "The Three Little Pigs" was high. The hare in "The Hare and the Turtle" too - he wasn't really sleeping, you know.

Good running week - let's not pay too much attention to numbers.

Happy Running!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I love that you guys gather at Starbucks after your runs!

Joe said...

Yeah, I once really bummed a girl out by telling her the song "I've been through the desert on a horse with no name" was also about drugs. Good song...lousy message. Oh dear.

Glad your starbucks group was so lively...what fun!!

Backofpack said...


Here's the story on a Horse with no Name:

Darrell said...

Quite the little side bar here on drug songs. I guess our persective on things is filtered through our experiences. What's wrong with a vivid imagination and a childlike naivite (sp?)anyway?

Good luck with the new shoe setup.

Wes said...

Um. Yea. Puff the Magic Dragon... I guess you have to visit Kuauii to really appreciate the sensitivities of the song :-)