Sunday, December 17, 2006

(Almost) Year End Stats

We had our club Christmas Light Run last night - it was cloudy and oh, so cold. Amy and Tim were our hosts - they got their power back on yesterday morning and still held the party last night. Tim cooked tons of Italian food, the rest of us brought breads, salads and desserts. We had a great time. Last I heard, Rob still doesn't have power. I think the morning news said there are still about 750,000 households powerless. The temps dropped to 26 last night, which makes it tough. I'm glad we got ours back early.

Why dogs bite people.

Speaking of no power, yesterday morning Jenny, Melissa, Sonya and I met at 5:00 am to run from Orting to South Prarie on the trail. We discovered that it is very, very dark in the valley when the power is out. The entire town of Orting was dark - it was even hard to recognize the turn to the park. The trail was littered with debris and a few downed trees. Only one was all the way over the trail, but it had caught in another tree and formed an arch we could run under. Sections of the trail (this is a paved trail) were covered with frozen mud from the flooding a few weeks back. It is amazing - there are stretches where the riverbank was lined with trees and bushes that are now bare. The edge of the trail is crumbling right down to the river in those areas. Not only that, but the river formed new channels and in some spots we could see the giant trees laying in the middle of the river. As the sun came up over Mt. Rainier, the skies turned pink and the mountain cast a shadow out on to the clouds - it was amazing to see. Melissa's cousin got a picture that I'm hoping to post in the next few days. We were done with our 16 miles and on our way to coffee by 8:35. Not too bad.

It was a high mileage weekend - 16 yesterday morning, 5 last night and 5 this morning, giving me 44 for the week. And since it's that time of year, and other bloggers have been totaling up the yearly mileage, I decided to do the same. From January to the end of April (when I had surgery and recovery) I logged about 320 miles - an average of 20 a week. From May 1 till today, I've logged 1106 - an average of 36 a week. I've never added miles for the year before, but I'm pretty pleased with what I've got. I'll easily pass 1500 before the year end.

I also checked back to see how many races I ran: 15 with one more marathon to go. The list looks like this:
1 - 5k
1 - 4 miler
2 - 5 milers
1 - 5.6 miler
2 - 10k
1 - 12k
1 - 15k
1- half marathon
2 - relays (two legs in one, three in the other)
3 - marathons

Nice variety, huh? For comparison, I ran 14 races in 2005, the longest of which was a 10k (two of those races were the same relays), and in 2004 I ran six, none longer than five miles. I say hooray for good health! Hooray for being able to run longer than an hour! Hooray!

This morning, a chilly 28 degrees. (Melissa, Rick, Me)

Please note the change in mileage above - a typo that made me look too good - should have been 1106 rather than 1160. I guess it was a wishful-thinking typo!


Wes said...

That's it. I'm moving. I wanna run at 5 AM in the morning with a good group of friends :-) I feel, well, kinda bad that it was 70 degrees here today. My thoughts are with all those folks out in the NW states that are struggling. Your weekly mileage rocks, BTW :-)

runliarun said...

You've come such a long way. Even six races two years ago is impressive - how many people do that, just for the sheer joy of running? But three marathons in the last part of this year, not to mention the rest, OMG! What do you plan for 2007 :)?

Journey to Centum said...

Heck, you should have had your gall bladder removed years ago! I can see it now... Blog Title: Going for a PR, I've decided to go for a PR in my next marathon. To do so I'm thinking of having an apendectomy. Just might go for the tonsils too! My running has improved so much since having my gall bladder removed I'm thinking these operations will really speed me up. Hey, you only need one kidney to survive. Maybe I'll have one removed as well. Oh man, now I need to decide.. right or left kidney umm, decisions decisions.

Nice Stats MM402!

Sarah said...

Great job with your mileage! You've come so far since your surgery. It's amazing how beautiful the weather has been since that crazy storm.

How does it feel to have your husband kid you on your own blog? ; ) I think I'm glad mine can barely turn on the computer. ; ) : )

BAPP said...

Congrats on completing all those races and a maniac marathon year.

Annette said...

Amazing what a storm will do to the entire landscape sometimes.

Congrats on a good running year! You've accomplished a lot. Keep up the good running. :)

olga said...

Yeah, I am with Sarah, how come Eric makes fun of you on your own blog where it's expected to say nice things?
BTW, I am totally impressed with your total numbers. Seriously. One of those "tortuise and hare" thing (I am sure I spelled it horribly, but you got the idea). You know, slow and steady, it works perfectly fine! Everybody should try it!

susie said...

Eric's one funny guy:)
Great stats Michelle. Hope 2007 proves to be even better for you!! Take care in all that cold weather, now.

Thomas said...

I'm on a single track mind at the moment. When I read "Rob still has no power" I thought there was something wrong with his legs and he's slow.

I guess I'd better re-join the Real World at some stage in the near future.

JustRun said...

Way to go, Michelle- very impressive stats! If I am ever up there, we definitely have to go for a run! :)

Liv said...

Hooray indeed! That's a whole lotta miles!

And that dog is absolutely priceless :)

Joe said...

Cool stats, Michelle, you are making solid progress. Those weekly milage totals are nothing to sneeze at.

Neat morning run, great pix...thanks!!!

TryAthlete said...

That "why dogs bite people" pic is priceless.

WADDLER26.2 said...

You have racked up some impressive numbers this year. As for the dog-I love it.