Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Training is On!

I started the relay training yesterday:

5:20 am, ran for 59:14, approximately 5 miles, rolling hills, one big hill
2:10 pm, ran for 39:47, approximately 3.4 miles, rolling hills

and today:

5:20 am, ran for 50:19, approximately 4 miles, rolling hills with two mega-hills.

I'm pretty satisfied. And a little tired - our department put on a workshop last night. We started setting up at 5:30 and I finally got home about 10:15. Late night plus lots of running adds up to tired runner.

Eric has been down with what I suspect is the flu. He's been in bed for two days now - it is unheard of for him to call in sick. This morning Riley got up complaining of sore throat, headache and stuffy nose. He says he can't miss his college classes, because two of the instructors grade on attendance, and if he misses his high school class today, he can't compete in the last track meet tomorrow. I told him that he might not be competing anyway, but he wants to hang in there and try. Personally, I hate it when people come to class or work sick and share their germs with me. The attendance policies seem to encourage students to come in anyway. I guess they are trying to avoid general skipping of class, but it penalizes everyone when someone is truly sick. I had a flu shot this year, so I'm hoping that will keep me from getting what they have. I mean, sheesh, I just got back to normal, I don't want to get sick now!


robtherunner said...

You are not pretending Eric is sick because you don't want him to come run with Me and Jamal on Saturday are you? Unlock the door and let the poor man out of the room. We'll have him back around 9ish.

Donald said...

Good luck dodging that flu bug - I never have much success that way.

D said...

It's tough to stay healthy when your household isn't 100%. Vitamin C - overdose! Nice training! (I don't know how you do 5am and then an early afternoon run - wow.)

Robb said...

Now, that's committment! Twice daily - you must sleep well at night.

I like your sense of humour Den Mom...especially your comment on my blog regarding my 'running wife'.

Liv said...

When I'm healthy, it drives me nuts when people drag their germs around... but when I'm the one sick, I feel like toughing it out and going on with my life.

Talk about double standards :) But you're right, a lot of it is guilt over attendance policies.

olga said...

Try to stay in another room:) Great training!

Ironayla said...

Bummer to hear Eric is sick. I hope he feels better soon.

Glad to hear your training is going well and you are feeling so much better. I really need to get my act together so I can keep up with you :)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

You're doing great. As for the "bug", I'm fighting one myself right now. Its like I'm not sick enough to stay home, but yup I'm likely at the office sharing it with my coworkers. *sigh*. But heh two of them did that last week which is why I likely feel this way.

Hope you manage to escape it.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay on the training! yuck on the sick! hope everyone feels better soon.