Monday, April 17, 2006

Back to Real Life

I am tired today. I walked the dog on our usual walk Friday, then walked her two miles on Saturday while the rest of the group was running (and Rob and Eric were up on the mountain), then about three miles on the trail yesterday - again, with the dog and while everyone else was running. Parts of the trail follow the river and at one point there is a creek that flows into the river. I stopped there and let Sundae swim - she is a chocolate lab and will splash through any water she can find from a puddle to a lake. I taught Pilates again this morning. This time I could do a few of the exercises, but not at full strength, and only for one or two repeats. I'm getting there though! Anyway, I think the busy weekend has caught up with me. I've had one nap and can see another in my future soon.

This is the last day of my time off work - I have gone to a couple of meetings and dropped in at the college to pick up mail in the last week but now it is back to the real thing. I've got classes to teach this week and observations for next week. I've enjoyed the time off though. Probably because I didn't do any housework or yard work, barely any shopping or laundry and only cooked a couple of meals. It was a real vacation! The dog tossed her cookies the other day and I felt a zing when I stretched my arm too far in cleaning it up, and I am still finding it hard to lift anything heavy on my right side, but that's pretty much it. No more excuses to skip the dreaded chores.

Time for me to sign off and catch that nap - Riley is home on his break between classes and track so I'm going to fall asleep to the sounds of his electric guitar... and he's not playing lullabies!

PS. Thanks to Eric for picking up the slack around here while I've lazed around the last two weeks.


Liv said...

Relaxing is good... that's what holiday weekends are for anyway, right?

robtherunner said...

Just remember how much Eric helped out when he asks to go out and run crazy routes with yours truly.

*jeanne* said...

Sundae the chocolate lab! I LOVE it! What a cute name! :-)

I've been tired since last week. Too much gardening! EVERYTHING aches.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a teen thinking that the guitar always sounded better turned up LOUD. Take it easy as you recuperate.